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Jan 16, 2024
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About Add Text: Text on Photo Editor

Add Text on Photo APK – Latest Version for Android.

In the realm of text creation, the Add Text app emerges as an unparalleled all-in-one tool, providing a canvas for limitless artistic expression. Tailor your text to perfection with an impressive array of features designed to elevate your creations.

App Features

  • Add multiple texts (and overlays) on the photo, and edit each one without losing the final preview
  • Move, scale, rotate, edit, copy, delete (for overlays), and wrap the text by text-box handles
  • Font and Format tools: change font, alignment, and text size, with bold, italic, underlined & strikethrough options
  • Change text color & opacity: can be applied on each word/letter separately
  • Add Stroke (Outline) to text with colors and stroke width
  • Highlight the whole text or separate parts with different colors & opacity
  • Letter & Line spacing
  • Positioning grid with snapping option, flip overlay horizontally and/or vertically
  • Bend the text: text along a curve
  • Shadow with colors, opacity, blur, and positioning
  • Predefined Gradients: edit start/end colors and gradient angle
  • Texture by adding any photo and making any type of transformation with it
  • Opacity and Blend with background
  • Erase tool: Clear parts of the text with the brush to achieve the Text Behind effect (see screenshot)
  • Color tools have an eyedropper, color picker, and predefined colors
  • Add Stickers/Emojis, hundreds of them arranged in 8 categories
  • Add any photo from your phone as an overlay
  • Add 100+ shapes: with both filled and outlined versions
  • Tools for other overlays: Opacity, Position, Perspective, Crop, Shape color, stroke & width
  • Change the background without starting your work from scratch
  • Pan mode: move canvas with one finger & pinch to zoom without worrying to accidentally touch overlays
  • Pin mode: pins the background so that you won’t accidentally change its position
  • Fit: bring canvas to its original position (fit to screen)
  • Undo & Redo history
  • Fast sharing: showing recent apps you shared your work to
  • All these and more in a small-sized APK

What’s New?

  • Bugs are fixed.

More Of Add Text on Photo, Editor

Versatile Text Placement:

From photos to gradients, solid colors, or transparent backgrounds, the Add Text app seamlessly integrates text onto any canvas, offering a versatile platform for your creative endeavors.

Extensive Font Selection:

Choose from over 1000 fonts, and go beyond with the ability to add an unlimited number of custom fonts, including trendy emoji fonts. Your text style possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Layered Creativity:

Add depth to your compositions by incorporating layers. Texts, photos, shapes, stickers, and saved text styles can be skillfully layered, allowing for intricate and visually captivating designs.

Precision in Design:

Precision is key. Design different facets of your text separately using the Font, Format, Color, Stroke, and Highlight tools. This level of control ensures your text is a true reflection of your creative vision.

Dimensional Text with 3D Tools:

Elevate your text with 3D tools like 3D Rotate, 3D Depth, and Perspective. These features breathe life into your text, adding a dynamic and immersive element to your creations.

Text Layout Mastery:

Take command of text size, wrapping, and scale to achieve any desired layout. The Add Text app empowers you to mold your text precisely as you envision, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your artistic composition.

Layer Management and Visibility:

Navigate the layers view effortlessly. Reorder layers, change visibility, and lock/unlock each layer to maintain complete control over your overlays, guaranteeing a polished final product.

Background Transformation Tools:

Beyond text, the app offers a suite of background transformation tools. Apply effects, crop, resize, flip/rotate, or use Square Fit to tailor the background to your liking.

Style Tool for Efficiency:

Save your text creations in the Style tool for future use. Perfect for watermarks, signatures, branding, and more, this feature streamlines your workflow and enhances efficiency.

Project Management and Templates:

Save your projects for future edits and reuse. Create templates to expedite your creative process, ensuring consistency across your text creations.

Image Export Options:

Save your masterpieces in various formats. Whether it’s JPEG, PNG, or WebP, the app provides flexible image export options to suit your preferences.

Eye-Friendly Dark Mode:

Enhance your user experience with the dark mode feature, reducing eye strain and saving battery life during extended creative sessions.

Responsive to User Feedback:

The Add Text app is a product of continuous improvement, consistently evolving based on valuable user feedback. Your experience matters and the app is committed to staying at the forefront of your creative needs.

All the features are unlocked and free to use for everyone. The app shows ads in the app. You can purchase the Ad Remover which is a one-time payment. There aren’t any subscriptions!

So go ahead and create a meme, quote, Instagram story, YouTube thumbnail, banner, cover photo with captions, word art, poster, flyer, invitation, logo, etc.

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FAQ FOR Add Text: Text on Photo Editor

1. How extensive is the font library, and can I add my own custom fonts?

The app boasts a diverse selection of over 1000 fonts. Moreover, users can enhance their creative arsenal by adding an unlimited number of custom fonts, including trendy emoji fonts, providing unparalleled typographic flexibility.


2. Can I create layered designs with texts, photos, shapes, and stickers?

Absolutely! The app supports layered compositions, allowing users to combine texts, photos, shapes, stickers, and saved text styles with ease. This layering capability opens up endless possibilities for creative and visually captivating designs.


3. How precise is the design control in the app?

The “Add Text” app provides precise design control with dedicated tools for Font, Format, Color, Stroke, and Highlight. Users can design different aspects of the text separately, ensuring meticulous customization and attention to detail.


4. What 3D tools are available for text enhancement?

Elevate your text with 3D Rotate, 3D Depth, and Perspective tools. These features bring a three-dimensional dynamic to your text, allowing for unique and eye-catching design elements.