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About Army Men Strike: Toy Wars

Army Men Strike APK Download Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

A brand-new version of Army Men Strike is now available: deploy defensive structures, protect your home base from enemy invasions, and experience the thrill of tower defending in the newly added Tower Defense game mode!

Play like a kid, fight like a man in a war without limits! Based on the toy army of your childhood, you must defend your flag against the enemy and attack using a powerful combination of tactics to win the miniature war between your green army and the evil toys! Lead an army of green soldiers, remote-control planes, robots, and many other toys in various epic battles! Defend yourself against the Tan Army invasion and put your strategy to the test. Using your best survival tactics is the only chance to win.

Game Features

Toy Tower Defense

  • Multiple challenge modes.
  • Challenging Boss fights.
  • Train and upgrade different types of defensive structures.
  • Defend against countless evil toys invasion and protect your home base at all costs.

Build Your Army of Toy Soldiers

  • Recruit officers, train soldiers, incorporate combat tactics, finding the strategy that works the most efficiently while competing against other players.
  • Upgrade armor, weapons, rifles, and machine guns and promote your green soldiers including infantry, tanks, artillery units, air force units, and many more army troops.

Take Your Miniature Military Forces to Fight

  • Gather resources to upgrade squad soldiers and develop your command center.
  • Create your tower defense with fortifications to keep war toy invaders hopeless at bay and increase your odds of survival.

Army Tactics Adventure

  • Choose your military targets on every battlefield and plan your soldier hero conquest.
  • Put your commanding skills and strategy to the test against other players on the battlefield: this is not a toy war robot game, so use your best tactics.

Establishing Alliance

  • Create or join a Corps and establish battlefield friendship with your brothers in arms.
  • Compete or cooperate with other alliances for the defense of your territory. Diplomacy or war, what do you choose, commander?

Your war toys are waiting for you to strike in this challenge.
It’s time to return to the battleground. Enjoy a toy game with worldwide players.

What’s New?

  • Bugs fixed

Definition Of Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike: Toy Wars is a war-based strategy game where you can build and battle with miniature toy soldiers and other toys. You can deploy defensive structures, protect your home base from enemy invasions, and experience the thrill of tower defending in the newly added Tower Defense game mode. You can also recruit officers, train soldiers, upgrade weapons, and compete or cooperate with other players online. The game is based on the toy army of your childhood and lets you relive the nostalgia of toy wars. The game is free to download and play, but it also offers in-app purchases.

In “Army Men Strike: Toy Wars,” players assume the role of a commander and lead their army of toy soldiers in battles against other players. The game combines elements of base-building, strategy, and real-time multiplayer combat.

Some definitions of features:

  • Base Building: Players start with a small toy base and gradually expand and fortify it by constructing buildings, defenses, and resource-generating structures. The base serves as a hub for training troops, conducting research, and producing resources.
  • Resource Management: Gathering resources such as plastic, electricity, and oil is essential for developing the base, training troops, and upgrading buildings. Players must efficiently manage their resources to ensure their army is well-equipped.
  • Army Formation and Troop Training: Players can recruit and train various types of toy soldiers, each with unique abilities and specialties. The game offers a variety of infantry units, vehicles, and special forces that players can strategically deploy in battles.
  • PvP Battles: “Army Men Strike” emphasizes player-versus-player (PvP) combat. Players can engage in real-time battles against other commanders, attacking their bases and looting resources. Defending against enemy attacks and building strong defenses are crucial for survival.
  • Alliances and Cooperation: Players can form alliances with other commanders, joining forces to strengthen their armies and protect each other. Alliances often engage in cooperative activities, such as alliance wars, where multiple alliances compete against each other.
  • Events and Challenges: The game frequently introduces time-limited events, challenges, and tournaments that offer unique rewards and additional gameplay options. Participating in these events can provide additional resources and exclusive items.
  • Customization: “Army Men Strike” allows players to customize and personalize their toy soldiers, bases, and even the environment. This includes changing the appearance of soldiers, painting bases, and modifying terrain elements.

NOTE: Army Men Strike is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your mobile settings.

Could this APK potentially harm my device?

  • No, All APKs in APKSOFTWARED are verified and protected. Learn more…

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1. Can I make a team in Army Men Strike?

  • Yes, in Army Men Strike: Toy Wars, you can create or join a team known as an “alliance.” Alliances allow players to form groups and collaborate with each other.


2. Is Army Men Strike: Toy Wars a free-to-play game?

  • Yes, Army Men Strike: Toy Wars is free to play, but it offers optional in-app purchases that allow players to acquire in-game currency, resources, and other items more quickly.


3. Which is the best feature of Army Men Strike?

  • The “best” feature of Army Men Strike: Toy Wars can vary. However, here are a few notable features that many players enjoy:- Base Building and Customization
    – Multiplayer Battles and Alliances
    – Toy Soldier Theme and Graphics
    – Events and Challenges
    – Community Interaction