How to Add Music To Facebook Profile?

A Facebook profile is an individual’s personal space on the Facebook social networking platform. Everyone wants their profile to make them unique from others. Adding music to your profile will become a unique profile to others. 😍

So, Let’s see,

NOTE: Adding Music Feature is not available on Facebook Lite

How to Add Music To Facebook Profile? 😋

1. Go to your profile and scroll down. You can see the Music option. Click on the Music



2. Click on the ‘Plus icon’



3. Click on ‘Search’ and type your Music



4. Click on ‘Music’. 



NOTE: If you are adding music to your profile for the first time, your downloaded music may not be shown on the Music list. So, showing the downloaded music list,

5. Back to the profile and again click on the ‘Music option’. Your selected music will be shown.



6. Now click on the ‘Three dot button’ and tap on ‘Pin to profile’



Your Music will be added to your profile. 🥰



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