How To Create An Artist Profile On Spotify?

The Artist profile on Spotify is an exclusive digital canvas and a virtual home for musicians and creators, thoughtfully designed to encapsulate their artistic identity and musical universe. It serves as a captivating gateway for listeners worldwide to immerse themselves in an artist’s sonic tapestry and delve into the very essence of their craft.

So now, Let’s see,

How To Create An Artist Profile On Spotify?

To create an artist profile on Spotify, just follow the steps below:

1. Open theSpotify for Artists app, click on ‘Get Started’



2. Click on ‘Log in’



3. Enter your Spotify Account details. [NOTE: You must have a Spotify Account]



4. It will ask to Claim your artist profile. So just click on ‘Claim’



5. It will create an account for you. Now as you can see it now says ‘Claim an artist profile’.



It says, if you already have music on Spotify, you can get access to stats, pitch tracks to our editors, and more.

So let’s just say for example you have already submitted your music through Distrokid, maybe it’s already out there you can go ahead and click on ‘Continue’ and it will ask you to connect your profile that they set for you on your own and connect it through this Spotify Artists account that you just created,

So that’s up to you. It depends on where you are at in the process and as far as uploading a song on Distrokid.

If you already uploaded a song on Distrokid and it created the profile for you because Distrokid does do that.

Or, If you did not upload a song through Distrokid yet, you would click on ‘Music not yet live on Spotify’, and this is where it will actually take you to the page.



It will say, “Distributors handle your music’s licensing, distribution and pay your streaming royalties. Work with a distributor to get your music on Spotify.”

So, again it’s up to you what you want to use as far as Distrokid or TuneCore. So you have to upload your song through a distributor which is through Distrokid or Tunecore and then create an account and connect it to Spotify for Artists.

Once it connects or once you upload your song through Distrokid or Tunecore or any one of those, then you can create an artist profile on Spotify for Artist by clicking on ‘Continue’.

Once you click on ‘Continue’, it will take you to this page and ask you, “Is this the right Spotify account? You will use this to log in to Spotify for Artists.” It’s just wanting you to confirm.



Then you go to the next and paste your URL or search profile.



And this is where you will actually see your profile which is already on Distrokid or Tunecore. Click on your selected profile and click on continue and it will already claim it for you and then your profile will be fine.

So, that’s how you can create your Spotify for Artists account. Just keep in mind that you have to upload your music first through a distributor.

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