PUBG New Update in 2024, Rondo Roadmap, Glacier Series Firearms

New Updates of the PUBG

The most recent beta version of PUBG Mobile has proven to be a success. The game’s developers have now integrated select features from the beta into the worldwide version of the game. As we usher in the new year, we also welcome a new update. The Game Publisher has scheduled the global launch of the PUBG Mobile 3.0 update for January 10, 2024. This update will allow players to discover new modifications within the game, fresh skins, and solutions to previous bugs.

PUBG Rondo Roadmap New Update

The creators of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have unveiled their plans for the upcoming months. KRAFTON has scheduled several new features to be released in January and February.

Specifically, in the 27.2 update set for January, the developers intend to reintroduce the armored UAZ to the game. Additionally, they will incorporate an EMP zone on Rondo and a rocket launcher that can be used to summon shelters on the map. In the 28.2 patches due for February, PUBG will introduce new parkour mechanics, a novel mode of transportation, and electric gas stations.

PUBG 2024 February 28.1 update

The PUBG Rondo Roadmap has revealed the 28.1 Update set for February 2024. While it doesn’t bring any significant changes like new maps or weapons, it does introduce four new features:

  • EV Charging Station
  • Pico Bus
  • Co-op Climb
  • Vehicle Parkour

Though these updates might appear to be small, they hold the potential to significantly change the gameplay dynamics in certain situations.

Market System

Get ready for the 27.2 update, where you’ll discover a host of new features – some anticipated and some unexpected. The highlight is undoubtedly the Market System. This groundbreaking feature is poised to revolutionize the way you collect loot, with a design that includes two unique pillars representing the AI faction, specifically designed for the Rondo map. This Market System introduces a special in-game currency system. You’ll be on the hunt for gold bars and coins bearing the “Battlegrounds” stamp, earned by overcoming challenges scattered across the map. Once you’ve gathered these currencies, the Rondo map transforms into your personal marketplace. Find specialized crates, and you can exchange your hard-won currency for a wealth of items. From weapon upgrades and high-precision scopes to essential healing items, smoke screens, and even the brand-new Battle Ready Kit along with signaling flares – the armory is yours to seize.

EMP Zone

The “EMP Zone” is a novel feature that was first introduced in the initial hype trailer. Contrary to my initial belief that it was merely a visual effect for added drama, it has been accurately identified by some viewers as an actual in-game EMP event. It’s still uncertain whether this is a throwable grenade or a naturally occurring map event, but I’m leaning towards it being an inherent feature, similar to the ‘error zone’ in Teo, where rare weapons appear. In the EMP Zone, I expect a complete electronic shutdown—scopes and red dots may not work, vehicles could stop running, and other electronic devices might malfunction. It could even cause your in-game map to malfunction. This is an intriguing addition, possibly PUBG’s version of dynamic weather events like snowstorms or dust storms. Please note that these are merely my conjectures.

Special Drops

The forthcoming 27.2 update in January is poised to introduce a new collection of Special Drops, showcasing a variety of unique skins and exclusive Contraband crates. The sneak peek reveals a collection of clothing items such as shirts, pants, and shoes that appear to create a full ensemble, along with an intriguing blue blueprint. The exact details are still a secret, but everything will be unveiled when update 27.2 is released. We eagerly await the launch of update 27.2 to acquire these new cosmetic items.

Emergency Cover Flare

Next, let’s take a look at the Emergency Cover Flare. It’s believed that these cover flares will be located in crates and are also likely to spawn in the world. When triggered, they call forth three deployable shields that can be demolished, as depicted on the picture’s left side. However, the noticeable fractures in the concrete imply susceptibility to harm, such as from a close grenade blast that could destroy the protective barrier. Undoubtedly, this could significantly alter the game in large, open landscapes where cover is limited.

Battle Ready Kit

The “Battle Ready Kit” is currently shrouded in mystery, with only a few details available from its appearance in the latest promotional videos for PUBG. It seems to be used in high-intensity combat situations, implying that it’s a kind of healing item. Judging by its name, it appears to be a medical bag with dual purposes. It seems to be a combination of an adrenaline syringe and a medkit, potentially providing full health restoration to 100 HP and a total level four energy boost, replenishing all stamina bars in a swift 6-10 second application. Given the high-risk nature of combat, such a kit could be essential for survival, making it a key resource on the battlefield.

Soon to Arrive: Upgradeable AKM, UMP45, and M416 Glacier Series Firearms!

Get ready for a frosty showdown, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! The forthcoming Upgradable Glacier Series Firearms are about to make the popular battle royale game even more thrilling. With these new icy weapons, you can freeze your rivals, enhance your arsenal, and dominate the winter battlefield. The temperature is set to drop in PUBG Mobile, as you customize your AKM, UMP45, and M416 with ice upgrades. Brace yourselves for a cold reception and potentially devastating firepower. Coming soon!


1. AKM Glacier: This renowned assault rifle has been reborn with an icy grandeur. It guarantees a barrage of frosty bullets that will leave enemies shaking in fear.

2. UMP45 Glacier: This compact powerhouse has been upgraded with a frosty twist, delivering powerful close-range bursts that will instill fear in the hearts of opponents.

3. M416 Glacier: The consistently dependable M416 has been given a frosty transformation, offering both accuracy and a wrath of ice.

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