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About Camera360: Photo Editor & Selfie

Camera360 APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

Discover a new dimension of photography with Camera360 APK: Photo Editor & Selfie app. Unleash your creativity as you capture striking selfies, harness advanced editing tools, and apply artistic filters to transform your images into visual masterpieces. Elevate your photography journey with Camera360’s comprehensive features for professional-grade results.

Downloaded by over 1 billion people from around the world!
A camera app that lets you be who you really want to be!
Celebrities around the world are using, an essential for selfies.
20 years of devotion to photography technologies, offering you the greatest decorating experience.

App Features

Smooth skin

Transform your skin to smooth and super soft. Say goodbye to your old self!

Getting small face

As great as the works by a Professional beauty doctor. 21 micro adjustment, no trace of PS.

Shape up your face and body

Shape up wherever you like, however you want! You can protect the parts you don’t want to edit. Becoming beautiful can be so easy.

One touch beauty

One tap and your photo becomes something totally different! Forget about troubles. A one touch can really transform you into something so cool.

Magic sky

Say goodbye to cloudy sky. Paint the color of sky with your own style. Anime sky, dreamy sky, however you like!

Make your own style

Edit your photo like a painting! Use “great artist” filter and anybody can be an artist.

Anime effect

Try cartoon filter and make a photo nobody else can do!

Be the film star

From cinematic, B&W to color, anything you ask is here. Try our movie filters and be who you wanted to be.

High quality filter

300+ filters! We have all you want, from retro, black and white, HDR, lomo, to Hong Kong style!

Natural Makeup

Including main and sub, there are over 30 makeup filters! Customize your favorite style and color just the way you like and make your own!

Cute Sticker

Super kawaii stickers that even move! With smart face recognition, not only face but also your expression will be captured! You can also play interactively!

Short movies

Take 10s~60s short movies! You can freely change your music and enjoy filter and makeup at the same time

detailed color expressions

It works really well if you just want to change one color! Make the unique colored photo with DSL.

Image correctoin

We support both vertical and horizontal correction. Suitable also when you want to edit photos of buldings! Try it to make vertical and balanced photos.

Color settings

13 basic parameters including saturation level, exposure, highlight, shade, layers, color temperature, hue, etc.

Mix filters

Over 300 filters can be used partially for photos. Use your imagination.

What’s New?

  • Optimize some minor issues to improve the experience.

Definition Of Camera360

A Selfie Revolution: Redefining Self-Portraiture

The rise of social media platforms has given birth to the phenomenon of the “selfie,” a self-portrait that goes beyond the mundane. Camera360 understands the desire to put your best face forward, and it embraces this trend with its Selfie features. From skin retouching and blemish removal to virtual makeup application, Camera360 empowers users to enhance their features subtly and naturally, letting them showcase their best selves.

Unleashing Creative Editing Possibilities

Beyond the realm of selfies, Camera360 shines as a comprehensive photo editor that caters to photographers of all levels. The app offers a wide range of tools, from basic adjustments like brightness and contrast to more advanced features like curves and color balance. This versatility means that whether you’re a novice or a seasoned photographer, Camera360 provides the means to fine-tune your images to perfection.

Filters that Inspire Imagination

Camera360 takes photo editing a step further with its diverse selection of filters. The app boasts an array of artistic filters that can instantly transform your images into breathtaking pieces of art. From vintage aesthetics to futuristic vibes, these filters inject emotion and atmosphere into your photos, turning them into captivating visual stories.

An Eye for Detail: Professional Tools

For those who seek precision and control, Camera360 APK offers advanced editing features that allow users to focus on even the tiniest details. With tools like selective adjustments and graduated filters, photographers can emphasize specific elements within their photos, creating visually striking compositions that demand attention.

Presets and Customization: Finding Your Visual Identity

Camera360 understands that every photographer has a unique style. The app provides both preset filters and the ability to create and save custom presets. This flexibility empowers users to curate their signature look, fostering consistency across their body of work and enabling them to tell their stories with consistent visual language.

Sharing the Masterpiece: One Tap Away

Once you’ve meticulously edited your photo to perfection, Camera360 APK makes sharing your masterpiece a breeze. With a single tap, you can directly share your photos to various social media platforms or save them to your device, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your creativity to the world.

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1. What is Camera360: Photo Editor & Selfie?

  • Camera360 is a feature-rich mobile application designed to enhance your photography experience. It offers a variety of tools, filters, and effects for editing photos and taking selfies, allowing you to express your creativity and capture memorable moments in style.


2. Can I share my edited photos directly from Camera360?

  • Certainly! Camera360 allows you to share your edited photos directly to various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also save the edited photos to your device’s gallery.


3. What features does Camera360 offer for editing photos?

  • Camera360 provides an extensive range of editing features, including filters, stickers, beauty enhancements, cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, adding text, frames, and more. These tools allow you to customize and improve your photos to your liking.