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About Dead Cells Premium APK

Dead Cells APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

NOTE: It is a Premium Unlocked of Dead Cells! You don’t need to purchase this game! Download the APK for free!

Death is not the end.

Play as a failed alchemic experiment and explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to find out what happened on this gloomy island…!
That is, assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers.

Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer that will require you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and boss.

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

First available on PC and consoles, the indie hit Dead Cells is now slaying foes on mobile!

Games Features

  • Roguevania: The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a rogue-lite and the adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath
  • Frantic and Dynamic 2D Action: Learn your enemies’ patterns to stay alive, or prepare to be sent back to your cell before you can say “baguette”
  • Nonlinear Progression: Unlock new levels with every death, opt for the path that suits your current build, your playstyle or just your mood.
    Surely, the ramparts can’t be as bad the sewers, right?
  • Play at your own pace: Will you explore every nook and cranny of the castle, or rush to the end?

More About Features

  • Procedurally Generated Levels: Each time you play, the layout of the levels changes, providing a fresh experience with every playthrough.
  • Rogue-lite Elements: Players start each run with basic equipment and abilities. As they progress, they collect new weapons, skills, and upgrades, but if they die, they lose most of their progress and have to start over from the beginning.
  • Metroidvania Gameplay: The game features interconnected levels that players can explore, unlocking new areas and abilities that allow them to access previously inaccessible parts of the map.
  • Combat-focused Gameplay: Players engage in fast-paced combat against a variety of enemies, using a combination of melee and ranged attacks, dodges, and special abilities.
  • Weapon and Ability Variety: There is a wide range of weapons, each with unique attributes and playstyles, from swords and bows to grenades and turrets. Players can also unlock and upgrade various active and passive abilities to suit their preferred playstyle.
  • Permadeath: Death is permanent in “Dead Cells.” If the player character dies, they lose all of their progress in that run and must start over from the beginning of the game.
  • Boss Battles: Throughout the game, players encounter challenging boss enemies that require skill and strategy to defeat.
  • Unlockables and Progression: As players progress through the game, they unlock new weapons, abilities, and upgrades that can be used in future runs, providing a sense of progression and replayability.
  • Art Style and Atmosphere: “Dead Cells” features pixel art graphics and a dark, atmospheric setting, complemented by a dynamic soundtrack that enhances the overall experience.
  • Speedrunning and Leaderboards: The game supports speedrunning, with built-in timers and leaderboards that allow players to compete for the fastest completion times.
  • Challenging Difficulty: “Dead Cells” is known for its challenging gameplay, requiring players to master combat mechanics and learn enemy patterns to progress.
  • Secrets and Hidden Areas: The game is filled with secrets, hidden areas, and optional challenges for players to discover as they explore the levels.

What’s New?

  • Fixed Null access on skin selection out of bounds
  • Fixed Crash on launch for 32bits devices
  • Fixed Collector menu invest button hidden when opening the menu
  • RAM Disclaimer should show up only once in the app lifetime
  • Uses the latest google play protection


Boss Rush Mode

  • Discover a new alternative game mode to fight your favourite bosses back to back

Definition Of Dead Cells Premium

  • Dead Cells is a critically acclaimed action-platformer game developed by Motion Twin and released in 2018. It combines elements of metroidvania and roguelike genres, offering challenging gameplay and a high level of replayability.
  • In Dead Cells, players control a nameless character known as the Prisoner, who explores a sprawling, interconnected castle filled with enemies, traps, and secrets. The game’s combat is fast-paced and skill-based, with a variety of weapons and abilities at the player’s disposal. Players can unlock new weapons, abilities, and upgrades as they progress, enhancing their chances of survival.
  • One of the unique aspects of Dead Cells is its permadeath mechanic. When the player character dies, they start over from the beginning, with the castle layout being randomized in each playthrough. However, certain permanent upgrades and abilities can be unlocked as players accumulate cells, a currency obtained by defeating enemies.
  • Throughout the game, players encounter challenging bosses, discover hidden areas, and uncover the lore of the world. Dead Cells also offers different difficulty modes to cater to various skill levels and playstyles.
  • The game has received positive reviews for its tight controls, satisfying combat, engaging progression system, and replayability.

Everyone is Here Vol. 2

  • Spice up your runs with 6 new Outfits, Weapons and lore rooms based your favourite indie games. Gather items from Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, Risk of Rain 2, Terraria and Slay the Spire!

You reap what you sow

  • New levels to lose your head in: the not-so-peaceful Dilapidated Arboretum and the noxious Morass of the Banished
  • New monsters to rip to pieces: get to know the locals, such as the Jerkshroom and the Yeeter
  • New weapons to play with: trim sticking out heads with the Scythe Claw, or make them dance to the sound of the Rhythm n’ Bouzouki
  • New boss to fight against: Mama Tick is dying to meet you

Ready for a leap of faith?

  • 3 new biomes – Get some fresh air at the Fractured Shrines, splash around at the Undying Shores and take a picture at the Mausoleum
  • 8 new monsters – The Cold Blooded Guardians and their friends would love to teach you about their culture. … Wait, aren’t those relatives of yours in the Undying Shores…?
  • 7 new weapons – lil’ Serenade is perfect for breaking the ice with the locals, although the Snake Fangs would make for a perfect souvenir…
  • 1 new boss – The Scarecrow is very proud of his gardening skills and won’t hesitate to show off

Take it to the sea!

  • 2 new biomes – Battle your way through a rotten shipwreck, or scale a burning lighthouse and confront your deadliest foe yet.
  • 9 new weapons, including a throwable shark, a trident and a pirate hook hand (eyepatch not included).
  • 2 new bosses – Don’t lose your head before you meet the Queen!

This DLC also gives you the usual extras:

  • A not-so-cute pet.
  • Loads of new outfits.
  • New enemies to bash.

WARNING: Devices with less than 2 GB of RAM may not be able to run this content correctly. We reccomend not taking this DLC if your device is under 2 GB of RAM.

Carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface

  • Two game modes available: Original & Auto-Hit
  • Custom controls & More touch controls options available: Change the buttons’ position and size to your liking, swipe to dodge…
  • MFi external controller support
  • No ads, no F2P mechanics!

If you run into a problem, please contact us at
with as much information as possible on the issue.

Could this APK potentially harm my device?

  • No, All APKs in APKSOFTWARED are verified and protected. Learn more…

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1. What type of game is Dead Cells?

  • Dead Cells is a 2D action-platformer with rogue-like elements. It features procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and a variety of weapons and abilities to help you fight through hordes of enemies.


2. Can I play Dead Cells on multiplayer mode?

  • No, Dead Cells is a single-player game.


3. What platforms are Dead Cells available on?

  • Dead Cells is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.