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Dolphin Emulator
May 21, 2023
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About Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

The official Dolphin Emulator APK beta version is updated every month with the latest improvements to our software.

THIS APP DOES NOT COME WITH GAMES. You must own and acquire your own games to use them with Dolphin.

Game Features

  • High Compatibility: Dolphin is known for its high compatibility with a vast library of GameCube and Wii games. It can run a large number of titles without significant issues, including both popular and lesser-known games.
  • Performance Optimization: The Dolphin team has put a lot of effort into optimizing the emulator’s performance. It utilizes various techniques like JIT (Just-In-Time) recompilation, asynchronous shader compilation, and efficient multi-core support to achieve better performance and smoother gameplay.
  • Graphics Enhancements: Dolphin offers a range of graphical enhancements that go beyond the original capabilities of the GameCube and Wii consoles. This includes higher resolutions, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, and texture scaling, resulting in improved visuals for supported games.
  • Widescreen Support: Dolphin supports widescreen mode for games that originally did not have this feature. This allows players to enjoy a wider field of view and better use of modern display resolutions.
  • Netplay: One of the standout features of Dolphin is its netplay functionality, which enables users to play multiplayer games online with friends. This feature has made it popular among the speedrunning community and players who want to enjoy co-op experiences over the internet.
  • Save State and Rewind: Dolphin supports save states, allowing players to save and load their progress at any point during gameplay. Additionally, it has a rewind feature, which lets users go back in time to correct mistakes or retry challenging segments in games.
  • Cheats and Mods: Dolphin supports cheat codes and custom mods, allowing players to modify their games and access various in-game advantages or modifications.
  • Controller Support: Dolphin is compatible with a wide range of controllers, including GameCube controllers, various gamepads, and even motion controllers like the Wii Remote.
  • Integration with GameCube Peripherals: Dolphin allows users to connect and configure various GameCube peripherals, such as the Wii Balance Board, Wii MotionPlus, and Game Boy Advance link cable.
  • Development Active Community: Dolphin has an active and passionate community of developers, contributors, and users. Regular updates and bug fixes are released, making it a continually improving and evolving emulator.

What’s New?

The April 2023 update overhauls how controllers are handled! If you’ve set up controllers before, you’ll need to set them up again, but in exchange, you’ll get lots of new options.

We’ve also made Dolphin’s User folder easier to access and added audio emulation for the Skylanders: Trap Team portal.

As usual, you can find the details in the Progress Report:

Definition Of Dolphin Emulator

Video gaming has come a long way since the days of the Nintendo GameCube and Wii consoles. While these iconic gaming systems hold a special place in the hearts of many, the hardware limitations and technological advancements have left many enthusiasts yearning for an opportunity to revisit their cherished games on contemporary devices. Enter the Dolphin Emulator, a powerful and game-changing software application that has revolutionized the gaming experience for millions worldwide.

Beyond Compatibility:

One of the standout features of the Dolphin Emulator is its exceptional compatibility with an extensive library of games. Through rigorous testing, optimization, and continuous improvements, the emulator can run a vast array of titles without major glitches, making it the go-to choice for gamers looking to relive their favorite classics.

Performance Optimization:

Performance is a crucial aspect of any emulator, and the Dolphin team has invested considerable effort in this area. Leveraging JIT recompilation, multi-core utilization, and asynchronous shader compilation, the Dolphin Emulator achieves impressive performance gains over the original consoles. Gamers can now experience smoother framerates, reduced input lag, and enhanced visuals, breathing new life into beloved titles.

Graphical Enhancements:

The Dolphin Emulator goes beyond replicating the original hardware limitations, offering a variety of graphical enhancements. Players can upscale resolutions, apply anti-aliasing, and utilize anisotropic filtering, resulting in stunning visuals that outshine the original console experience.

Immersive Multiplayer with Netplay:

Gaming is often best enjoyed with friends, and the Dolphin Emulator APK doesn’t disappoint. The introduction of Netplay enables users to play their favorite multiplayer games online with friends across the globe. Speedrunners, competitive gamers, and co-op enthusiasts can now unite in a virtual gaming arena, creating unforgettable moments and forging new friendships.

Save States and Rewind:

Mastering challenging levels or overcoming difficult bosses has never been easier with the Dolphin Emulator’s save states and rewind features. Players can save their progress at any point in the game and revisit those moments instantly, providing unparalleled convenience and making gaming even more enjoyable.

A Thriving Community:

At the heart of the Dolphin Emulator’s success lies its vibrant and active community. Developers, contributors, and users come together to exchange ideas, provide support, and continually improve the emulator. From reporting bugs to creating custom mods, this community-driven ethos has cemented the Dolphin Emulator’s place as one of the most beloved and reliable emulators in gaming history.

This app is licensed by the GNU GPL v2+, and the full source code is available through the public Git repository at

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1. What is Dolphin Emulator? 

  • Dolphin Emulator is a software application that allows you to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on modern platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It replicates the hardware and software environment of these consoles, enabling you to enjoy classic games on your preferred device.


2. Does Dolphin Emulator support online multiplayer? 

  • Yes, Dolphin Emulator supports online multiplayer through a feature called “Netplay.” With Netplay, you can play multiplayer games with friends over the internet, creating a virtual gaming environment for co-op experiences and competitive gameplay.


3. Can I enhance the graphics of games with Dolphin Emulator? 

  • Dolphin Emulator offers various graphical enhancements, such as higher resolutions, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, and texture scaling. These features can significantly improve the visual quality of supported games.