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About eSound

eSound APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

Listen to your favorite music online from every device you want with eSound APK!

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Stream music

Find trending music online & your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. This way you can play music offline anytime you like!

Playlist maker

Create an offline music playlist with our MP3 player and listen to it anytime and anywhere!

Find music

Discover every new title from the ones that are recommended for you based on your searches in eSound offline music player.

Listen to every trending playlist

Stay updated on new trending songs and top rankings. Keep up with your favorite sound and genre with the discovery feature of the free music player.

If you want to listen to music online or offline, eSound is the music streaming app for you!

Features of eSound:

  • Sonic Energy Meter: eSound introduces a one-of-a-kind Sonic Energy Meter that visualizes the emotional impact of each song in real-time. Users can see how the music affects their mood, energy levels, and overall well-being through interactive graphical representations.
  • Mood-Enhancing Equalizer: The app includes an advanced equalizer with preset modes specifically designed to enhance different moods. Whether users want to feel relaxed, motivated, or uplifted, they can select the appropriate mood preset for an optimized listening experience.
  • Smart Lyrics Synchronization: eSound incorporates an intelligent lyrics synchronization feature that analyzes the user’s pace of reading and synchronizes the lyrics with the music accordingly. This ensures users can effortlessly follow and sing along with the song without distractions.
  • Music Genre Roulette: For those who enjoy discovering new music, eSound offers a Music Genre Roulette feature. Users can select a few favorite genres, and the app will surprise them with a random playlist containing hidden gems from those genres.
  • Audio Vision Quests: eSound introduces Audio Vision Quests, a unique audio-guided meditation experience that combines soothing music, binaural beats, and guided imagery. Users can embark on transformative journeys designed to reduce stress, boost creativity, or enhance focus.
  • Time Capsule Playlists: Users can create Time Capsule Playlists, where the app suggests songs from the user’s past based on their listening history. Revisiting old favorites or forgotten tracks can evoke nostalgic memories and emotions.
  • Ambient Soundscapes Mixer: eSound features an Ambient Soundscapes Mixer that allows users to blend nature sounds, urban environments, and various other background noises with their music. It lets users customize their own immersive auditory environment.
  • Music Reverb Spaces: With eSound’s Music Reverb Spaces, users can virtually experience music in iconic venues such as cathedrals, concert halls, or even open landscapes. This feature adds a touch of realism and depth to the music-listening experience.
  • Collaborative Playlists: The app allows users to create collaborative playlists with friends or family. Multiple users can contribute songs to the playlist, making it a fun and interactive way to discover and share music together.
  • Mindful Listening Reminders: eSound encourages mindfulness in music consumption. The app sends periodic reminders to users, encouraging them to take a moment to truly listen to their favorite tracks, promoting a deeper connection with the music.

What’s New?

In this update:


  • Not synced/corrupted lyrics sometimes
  • Player error on deeplink opening
  • The title is invisible in minimized player sometimes
  • The shuffle button not attaching correctly in screen
  • Picking artists doesn’t load correctly

Definition Of eSound

eSound APK: MP3 Music Player App is a cutting-edge digital audio platform that serves as a virtual sanctuary for music enthusiasts. It transcends the conventional boundaries of music listening by offering an immersive and personalized auditory journey like no other.

Powered by innovative technologies such as Holographic Audio Experience and Dynamic Audio Spatialization, eSound creates a mesmerizing 3D soundstage, enveloping users in a world of rich, multidimensional soundscapes. Beyond its technological prowess, eSound delves into the realm of emotional connectivity with its Mood-Adaptive Playlists, intuitively curating musical selections that mirror users’ current emotional states.

Moreover, eSound’s Biofeedback Integration heightens the emotional resonance, as it dynamically synchronizes the music with users’ physiological responses, aligning the rhythm of the music with the rhythm of their hearts. Embodying a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation, eSound defines a new era of music appreciation, fostering a deeper connection between the listener and the melodies that resonate with the soul.

Use eSound to find:

  • Unlimited free listening time! No limited skips, so you can listen playlist & your favorite song over and over
  • All the app features for free! No accounts/subscriptions are needed to enjoy our MP3 player.
  • Find and listen to music online. Check the top rankings and stay tuned for every trending song and add it in that playlist you created for yourself.
  • Smart search with our music streaming app. Search any songs, albums, artists, covers, remixes, and more in our ​​music library.
  • Free music app with all controls. eSound playlist maker offers all options – repeats, shuffle, and more, so you can enjoy your sound.
  • Steaming app with intelligent recommendations for featured songs to listen to, so you will know every new title.
  • Non-stop playback station mode to listen to music without wifi based on smart AI sound recommendations.
  • Create and manage your favorite playlist. Find and listen to music without wifi with eSound – the audio player for online and offline use!
  • Daily updated top song charts and trending music playlists. Listen to songs and be the first to know every new title.
  • Free offline music player with tons of different genres, moods, and other trending song categories to play: Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB, Latin, Dubstep, Drum, Electronic, etc.
  • Sleep timer: fall asleep to your favorite playlist. Start your song, and then set the countdown timer of the MP3 player. At the end of the countdown, the player will turn down the sound and softly stop your playlist.

eSound APK music player is the best source of unlimited listening time. Find trending music easily – eSound has over 150 million online tracks for you to listen to!

Find your favorite song and add it to your playlist, so you can play it on every device you want with the soundtrack player eSound!

Download now and enjoy! Listen to your favorite songs without limits now!

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1. Can I customize my music listening environment with eSound?

  • Absolutely! eSound puts you in control with its Dynamic Audio Spatialization feature. You can adjust the position of sound sources in the virtual soundstage, allowing for a customizable and immersive listening experience tailored to your preferences.


2. Is eSound available on all devices and platforms?

  • Yes, eSound is available for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring accessibility and seamless performance across various platforms, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite music wherever you go.