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About Formulia

Formulia APK – Latest Version for Android.

Formulia is an application focused on science students, mainly engineering. Its objective is to provide a collection of formulas from the different branches that exist in mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as various other tools that will be helpful when performing certain calculations.


● Algebra
● Geometry
● Flat and spherical trigonometry
● Differential calculus
● Integral calculus
● Multivariable calculus
● Probability and statistics
● Linear algebra
● Ordinary differential equations
● Fourier series and Laplace transforms
● Discrete mathematics
● Beta and Gamma functions
● Z Transform


● Mechanics
● Fluid mechanics
● Waves
● Thermodynamics
● Electromagnetism
● Optical
● Modern Physics


● Stoichiometry
● Solutions
● Electrochemistry
● Gases
● Structure of the atom
● Organic chemistry

[NEW] Formulia Creator

Create, calculate and save your own formulas. This new functionality allows you to add custom calculators, with a huge variety of options, among the features it includes are:
● Classify your calculator by sections
● Add an unlimited number of variables, write its name and symbol, a description to know what it is about or its units of measurement with its conversion factor
● Program the formulas that you can calculate with each variable, thanks to the large number of operators that you can use
● Save the results of each calculation for later reference
● Share or import calculators with your classmates


● Universal constants
● Units of measure
● Unit conversions
● Tables of values ​​(densities, specific heats, etc.)
● Greek alphabet
● SI prefixes
● Mathematical symbology
● Scientific calculator
● Unit converter
● Molar mass calculator

Periodic table: Check the most important information and properties of each chemical element such as:

● Electron configuration
● Atomic weight
● Oxidation states
● Number of electrons, protons and neutrons
● Density, melting and boiling point
● Heat of fusion, heat of vaporization and specific heat
● Thermal and electrical conductivity, and resistivity
● Electronegativity
● And other properties

App Features

  • Customizable Templates: Formulia offers a wide range of customizable templates for various forms and documents, making it easy for users to create professional-looking forms tailored to their needs.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly design and arrange form elements, such as text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus, to create visually appealing forms.
  • Collaboration Tools: Formulia enables seamless collaboration among team members by allowing multiple users to work on the same form simultaneously. Users can track changes, leave comments, and share feedback in real-time.
  • Data Collection and Storage: The app provides robust tools for collecting and storing form submissions securely. Users can easily manage and organize form data, track responses, and generate reports for analysis.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Formulia offers integration with popular third-party apps and services, allowing users to automate workflows and streamline processes. Integration options may include CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and cloud storage solutions.
  • Offline Access: Formulia ensures productivity even without an internet connection. Users can access and fill out forms offline, with data syncing automatically once an internet connection is restored.
  • Advanced Form Logic: Users can implement advanced form logic, such as conditional branching and skip logic, to create dynamic forms that adapt based on user inputs. This feature enhances the user experience and ensures relevant information is collected efficiently.
  • Security and Compliance: Formulia prioritizes data security and compliance with industry standards. The app employs encryption protocols to protect sensitive information and offers features such as access controls and audit trails to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Formulia is accessible on both mobile devices and desktop computers, allowing users to create, edit, and fill out forms anytime, anywhere. The mobile app offers a seamless user experience optimized for on-the-go productivity.
  • Analytics and Insights: Formulia provides analytics and insights tools to help users gain valuable insights from form submissions. Users can track metrics such as response rates, completion times, and user demographics to inform decision-making and improve processes over time.

What’s New?

  • Added support for French language
  • New, more powerful and improved search engine
  • Create, customize and share your calculators with Formulia Creator
  • Design improvements and bug fixes

Definition Of Formulia

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficiency and productivity are paramount for businesses and individuals alike. Enter Formulia, a cutting-edge app revolutionizing the way forms are created, managed, and utilized.

Streamlined Form Creation

Gone are the days of laborious form creation processes. With Formulia, users can bid farewell to clunky interfaces and endless tweaking. The app’s intuitive design and user-friendly features streamline the form creation process, allowing users to design professional-looking forms in a fraction of the time.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration lies at the heart of Formulia’s ethos. Whether working within a team or collaborating with external partners, users can seamlessly collaborate on form creation and management. Real-time editing, commenting, and sharing features empower teams to work together efficiently, ensuring that forms are perfected to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Data Security and Compliance

In an age where data security and compliance are non-negotiable, Formulia takes center stage. The app employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols and adheres to stringent security standards to safeguard sensitive information. Users can rest assured that their data is protected, with features such as access controls and audit trails providing an added layer of security.

Empowering Insights

Forms are not just about collecting data—they’re about gaining insights. Formulia empowers users to derive meaningful insights from form submissions, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. With robust analytics tools, users can track key metrics, identify trends, and uncover actionable insights to drive business success.

Mobile Accessibility

In today’s mobile-centric world, flexibility is key. Formulia caters to this need with its mobile accessibility, allowing users to create, manage, and fill out forms on the go. Whether in the office, on-site, or in transit, users can access Formulia from their mobile devices, ensuring productivity knows no bounds.

Future-Proofing Workflows

Formulia isn’t just about meeting current needs—it’s about future-proofing workflows. The app’s integration capabilities with third-party apps and services ensure seamless workflow automation, enhancing efficiency and scalability. From CRM systems to cloud storage solutions, Formulia seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, setting the stage for future growth and innovation.


In a world where time is of the essence and data reigns supreme, Formulia stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. By simplifying form creation, enabling seamless collaboration, and empowering insights, Formulia empowers users to take control of their data and workflows like never before. With Formulia, the future of form management is here—and it’s brighter than ever.

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1. Is Formulia suitable for all science students or is it specifically tailored for engineering students?

While Formulia is designed with a focus on science students, particularly engineering, its extensive collection of formulas and tools covers a wide range of subjects in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Whether you’re studying engineering or any other science-related field, Formulia provides valuable resources to aid in your studies.


2. Can I create and save my own formulas with Formulia Creator?

Absolutely! Formulia Creator allows users to create, calculate, and save their own formulas and custom calculators. With features such as variable classification, formula programming, and result saving, users can personalize their calculations and share them with classmates for collaborative learning.


3. Can I access Formulia offline?

Yes, Formulia offers offline access for certain features, including viewing formulas, using the scientific calculator, and accessing universal constants. While some features may require an internet connection for full functionality, Formulia ensures that essential resources are available even when offline.