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Aug 18, 2023
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About PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

PhotoRoom APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

PhotoRoom APK is the all-in-one app that edits, designs and optimizes great visual content that helps you run your business from your phone. Remove or erase the background of photos, use templates and create your own content.

No need to be a photographer or design pro anymore: with PhotoRoom, you can turn your photos into pro-quality content in seconds.
Our magic? The app crops objects and people in your picture, automatically. With one tap, remove the background and create stand-out content that showcases a product or person. Edit the image, add text or a logo, stickers, make collages.
With our Magic Retouch, now you can remove any unwanted details effortlessly (POOF!) with a swipe of your fingertip,
Editing perfect product shots is a breeze (and dare we say, fun!). We mean it when we say we do visual magic so you can sell faster!

More than 6 million shop owners, resellers, and creators trust us. Join our mobile-first entrepreneur revolution and download PhotoRoom free today.

App Features

  • Automatic Background Removal: The standout feature of PhotoRoom is its AI-powered background removal tool. With just a few taps, you can instantly remove the background from your photos, allowing you to place your subject in various contexts seamlessly.
  • Object Recognition: PhotoRoom’s AI is capable of recognizing objects within images, making it easy to isolate and edit specific elements. This enables precise adjustments and creative compositions.
  • Instant Cutouts: Beyond background removal, PhotoRoom provides instant cutouts of your subjects. You can effortlessly place these cutouts onto different backgrounds or use them for various design projects.
  • Background Library: The app offers an extensive library of high-quality backgrounds, ranging from scenic landscapes to abstract designs. This makes it simple to give your images a fresh and captivating backdrop.
  • Customizable Templates: PhotoRoom APK comes with a collection of templates designed for social media posts, ads, banners, and more. These templates are fully customizable, saving you time and effort in creating visually appealing content.
  • Text and Sticker Additions: Enhance your images with text overlays and stickers. PhotoRoom provides a wide array of fonts, styles, and stickers that help you convey your message or add a touch of fun to your creations.
  • Color Adjustment: Fine-tune your images with color adjustment tools. You can alter the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue to achieve the desired mood and tone.
  • Smart Cropping: The app’s AI-powered cropping feature suggests optimal cropping options based on the content of your photo, ensuring your subject remains the focal point.
  • Blur and Focus Effects: Create professional-looking portraits by adding blur effects to the background or enhancing the focus on your subject. This feature adds depth and visual interest to your images.
  • One-Tap Sharing: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, PhotoRoom lets you share your images directly to social media platforms or save them to your device with a single tap.
  • Batch Editing: Save time by applying the same edits to multiple photos simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when you’re working on a series of images.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: While PhotoRoom emphasizes simplicity, it also offers advanced editing options for users looking to fine-tune their images further. These include shadow and highlight adjustments, curves, and more.
  • Collage Creation: Combine multiple images into creative collages using PhotoRoom’s collage-making tools. This feature is perfect for showcasing a collection of photos in a single layout.
  • AI-Generated Backgrounds: In addition to the background library, PhotoRoom’s AI can generate unique backgrounds based on the content of your photo. This adds an element of surprise and creativity to your editing process.
  • High-Resolution Export: Whether you’re editing photos for online use or printing, PhotoRoom ensures your edited images maintain high resolution and quality.

What’s New?

This update brings new features and stability improvements to make your PhotoRoom experience even greater.

  • Access Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows directly in the Editor
  • You can now create and edit custom Instant Backgrounds!
  • Many fixes and improvements under the hood

What you can create

  • Product content for e-commerce & marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, or Depop.
  • Portrait photography and profile pics for business or social
  • Instagram Stories to promote you or your business
  • Fun collages and stickers

How to use PhotoRoom APK

  • Take a picture or upload one from your library
  • Pick from one of our 1000+ available backgrounds or templates
  • Edit the image and add text. Apply filters, remove the background, play with Magic Retouch, modify the contrast, or add quotes easily with our smart photo editor.
  • Add your logo (with PhotoRoom PRO)
  • Export your content to your Library, or directly to Whatsapp, Messages, Social Media, or marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop, Vinted, etc.

More About PhotoRoom AI

PhotoRoom is the Photo Editor for Everyone

  • Use the most accurate and easy background eraser to cut out objects in images & erase their backgrounds, apply a white background, blur the background or cut the background itself
  • Easily crop photos
  • Use Magic Retouch to remove any unwanted objects
  • Make your own stickers in a few steps
  • Use our seasonal templates to create easy, dynamic seasonal content
  • Make photo collages

PhotoRoom for Resellers

  • If you are a reseller on marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop you can optimize your business with features like the background remover, product or person cut out, easy export directly to the marketplaces platform, or batch export mode with our PRO membership.

PhotoRoom for Small Business

  • Create professional images for your website or app in a few seconds. Use PhotoRoom to remove background, magic retouch pictures, or cut out a product or person perfectly. Edit to your liking and easily export. If you’re looking for Pixelcut, why not try the original PhotoRoom APK.

PhotoRoom for Creators

  • Promote you and your business on social by easily creating templates for Youtube or Podcast covers, and Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest content.

PhotoRoom Pro: you’ll have access to the following features.

  • Remove the PhotoRoom logo
  • Access to 3 Pro cutout options (Standard, Person, Object)
  • Access to the full Pro backdrop & template library
  • Access to Instant Backgrounds – a tool that creates perfect backgrounds for your products using artificial intelligence.
  • Export at higher resolutions
  • Edit and export in batch mode

Try PhotoRoom Pro with a free trial. You’ll be charged a subscription fee when the trial ends only, except if you cancel the subscription before. Your Pro subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage membership and turn off auto-renew in Google Play account. Free trial is limited to one per Google Play account.

Free Plan is limited to 250 exports.

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1. What is PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor?

  • PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor is an innovative mobile app that utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify photo editing. It offers features like automatic background removal, object recognition, customizable templates, and more, making it easy to create stunning visuals.


2. Can I edit specific objects within a photo?

  • Yes, PhotoRoom’s AI can recognize objects within images, enabling you to isolate and edit specific elements. This feature is particularly useful for making precise adjustments and creative compositions.


3. Does the app provide advanced editing options?

  • While PhotoRoom emphasizes simplicity, it also offers advanced editing tools for users who want to take their edits further. These include shadow and highlight adjustments, curves, and more.