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About Presentation Creator

Presentation Creator APK – Latest Version for Android.

The best and easiest presentation app

Transform your ideas into empowered presentations with our Presentation app! Create, edit and deliver stunning slideshows right from your device. Ideal for professionals, educators, investors or anyone looking to communicate with impact. Features include intuitive design tools, customizable templates, seamless sharing and cross-device compatibility. You can create a new presentation anywhere. The easiest way to make unique presentations like a professional designer, even if you have zero design experience.

Need slides for a sales proposal, pitch deck, training deck, business report, school or university project? You’ll find them. Elevate your presentations and captivate your audience. Download now and make your message a surprise!

App Features

  • Intuitive Interface: Presentation Creator boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to create engaging presentations.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Users can effortlessly arrange and organize content with a simple drag-and-drop feature, streamlining the process of creating visually appealing slides.
  • Customizable Templates: A wide array of professionally designed templates is available, allowing users to start with a polished foundation and customize it to suit their unique style and content.
  • Rich Media Integration: The app supports seamless integration of various media types, including images, videos, charts, and graphs, enabling users to convey information in a dynamic and visually compelling manner.
  • Collaborative Features: Presentation Creator facilitates collaboration among team members or presenters, allowing real-time editing, comments, and feedback for a more efficient and interactive workflow.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: Users can securely save and access their presentations from cloud storage services, ensuring easy sharing and retrieval across multiple devices.
  • Auto-Save and Versioning: The app includes an auto-save feature to prevent data loss and a versioning system that enables users to track changes and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Offline Mode: Presentation Creator offers the flexibility to work on presentations even without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Animated Transitions: Enhance the visual appeal of presentations with a variety of smooth and customizable animated transitions between slides.
  • Real-Time Previews: Users can preview their presentations in real-time, allowing them to see how their content will appear to the audience and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Compatibility: The app supports various file formats for import and export, ensuring compatibility with other popular presentation software.
  • Presenter Tools: Presentation Creator includes features like presenter notes, a timer, and a laser pointer tool to assist speakers during live presentations.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The app is optimized for mobile devices, enabling users to create, edit, and present on-the-go using smartphones or tablets.
  • Security Features: Robust security measures, such as password protection and encryption, help safeguard sensitive presentation content.

What’s New?

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More Of Presentation Creator

Get Started

  • Choose a Presentation graphic design. The app comes with millions of features, including hundreds of templates, millions of premium and royalty-free images, fonts, and more to inspire you. Need a memorable and unique presentation to impress? Now you have it!
  • Customize it how you like it. Include a logo, colors, fonts, and images, resize to any format, remove background, write with AI and much more. Create an account to try its full power. Presentation Creator gives you the freedom to bring your ideas to life.

Why use the Presentation Creator?

  • Create visually stunning slides with ease using our intuitive design tools: No design expertise is required.
  • Unlimited access to Millions of professional and royalty-free templates, images, shapes, fonts, stickers, and icons.
  • Plus, our team adds new on-trend graphics each month.
  • Customize Templates: Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates and tailor them to your unique style with custom fonts, colors and graphics.
  • One click Background Remover: Our powerful AI detects the background of your images and removes it in seconds.
  • Download and share for free with no watermarks. All the images and graphics are yours.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with team members or classmates in real-time, ensuring seamless group presentations.
  • Seamless Sharing: Share your presentations directly from the app via email, social media or shareable links. Connect with your audience with ease.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Work on your presentations across multiple devices, for flexibility and convenience.
  • Cloud Storage: Safeguard your presentations with cloud backup, ensuring you never lose your valuable work.
  • Exclusive app: Specialized app for creating professional presentations with unique designs for this purpose.

Invite 5 members for free!

• Being Pro+ you can invite 5 friends, family, or team members for FREE.
• Real-time team collaboration with anyone across any device.
• Start a design on mobile & finish on your desktop later.
• Work with your team and apply changes real time.


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Deliver presentations that captivate, educate, and leave a lasting impression with our Presentation app. Whether you’re a professional, educator or presenter, our app streamlines the process and helps you communicate your message effectively. Download now and enhance your presentation skills!

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FAQ FOR Presentation Creator

1. Can I collaborate with others on a presentation in real-time?

Absolutely! Presentation Creator supports real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to edit, comment, and provide feedback simultaneously for a more dynamic and efficient teamwork.


2. Can I access my presentations offline?

Certainly! Presentation Creator includes an offline mode, allowing you to work on your presentations even without an internet connection, providing flexibility and convenience.


3. What file formats are supported for import and export?

Presentation Creator supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with other popular presentation software. Import and export your presentations seamlessly in the formats you prefer.


4. How can I make my presentations more dynamic with the app?

Elevate your presentations with animated transitions, rich media integration, and a laser pointer tool. Presentation Creator provides a range of features to make your content more visually compelling and engaging.