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About Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

Prisma APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Downlaod Now!

Prisma APK is a photo editor app that creates amazing photo effects transforming your images into paintings. Using Prisma’s art filters you can make your photo look as if Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali himself painted it for you! Use this amazing photo enhancer to create a unique masterpiece. Know more…

App Features


  • You’ll find more than 500 filters and effects for pictures in Prisma’s art filter library. Aesthetic photo editor Prisma has the largest collection of different artistic styles including blur, ornament, embroidery, and many more to choose from.
    Find your favorite one!


  • Prisma releases a new art filter every single day. Just open the app and you’ll be sure to find a new awesome Daily filter! We also release special styles from time to time, so you can use the app as a cartoon photo editor and apply funny effects to make your images even more fun. Don’t miss them either 🙂


  • After applying art filters, enhance the results using image enhancement tools. In the photo enhancement mode, you can find a wide range of photo tools like exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. There you can retouch and blur photos as well as apply skin editor tools to enhance the original.

More About Features

  • Artistic Filters: Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor offers a vast collection of artistic filters inspired by famous artists and art movements. Users can choose from a variety of styles such as impressionism, cubism, surrealism, and more, allowing them to transform their photos into stunning works of art with just a few taps.

  • Real-Time Preview: With Prisma, users can see the effects of each filter in real-time before applying them to their photos. This feature enables users to experiment with different styles and settings, ensuring they achieve the desired look for their images.

  • Intuitive Controls: The app features intuitive controls that make it easy for users to customize their photos. From adjusting the intensity of filters to fine-tuning colors and details, Prisma provides simple sliders and buttons that allow for precise adjustments with minimal effort.

  • High-Quality Output: Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor ensures that the edited images maintain their quality and clarity. Whether users are sharing their creations on social media or printing them for display, Prisma preserves the integrity of the original photo while enhancing it with artistic effects.

  • Offline Mode: Prisma offers an offline mode that allows users to edit photos without an internet connection. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to edit photos on the go or in areas with limited internet access.

  • Social Sharing: Prisma makes it easy for users to share their edited photos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With built-in sharing options, users can instantly showcase their creations and connect with others who appreciate their artistic vision.

  • Community Engagement: The app fosters a vibrant community of artists, photographers, and enthusiasts who share their Prisma creations and inspire one another. Users can browse through a curated feed of featured photos, follow other users, and participate in challenges and contests to showcase their talent and creativity.

  • Regular Updates: Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor receives regular updates with new filters, features, and improvements. This commitment to ongoing development ensures that users always have access to the latest tools and enhancements, keeping their creative process fresh and exciting.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Prisma is available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop computers. This cross-platform compatibility allows users to edit their photos seamlessly across different devices, ensuring a consistent and convenient editing experience.

  • Privacy and Security: Prisma prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring that edited photos are not stored or shared without the user’s consent. The app adheres to strict privacy policies and encryption standards to safeguard user data and maintain user trust.

What’s New?

  • NEW IMPROVED PRISMA Our art-AI is getting smarter every day! This update includes some minor changes that will help make your experience with the app even smoother.
  • P.S. Hey, S22 Ultra owners, this version also fixes a bug with photos coming up blank on this device. Sorry about that!

Definition Of Prisma Art

In the age of social media and digital expression, photography has evolved from a hobby into an art form. With the rise of smartphone cameras, editing apps have become indispensable tools for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Among these apps, Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor stands out as a powerful platform for transforming ordinary photos into stunning works of art. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Prisma, exploring its unique features and the impact it has had on the digital art landscape.

Revolutionizing Photo Editing

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor has revolutionized the way we edit photos, offering a diverse range of artistic filters and effects that elevate ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces. Whether you’re a novice photographer looking to add flair to your selfies or a seasoned artist seeking inspiration, Prisma provides an array of tools to unleash your creativity and imagination.

Exploring Artistic Filters

One of the standout features of the Prisma app is its extensive collection of artistic filters inspired by famous artists and art movements. From vibrant impressionist brushstrokes to surreal cubist compositions, Prisma allows users to transform their photos into works of art reminiscent of iconic paintings. With filters such as Mononoke, Tokyo, and Neon, users can infuse their photos with unique visual styles and moods, giving them a distinctive and captivating aesthetic.

Enhancing Creativity

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor goes beyond traditional photo editing apps by fostering creativity and experimentation. With intuitive controls and real-time previews, users can easily apply filters, adjust settings, and explore different artistic techniques to achieve their desired look. Whether it’s adding texture, adjusting colors, or enhancing details, Prisma empowers users to unleash their artistic vision and create visually stunning compositions that reflect their unique style and personality.

Inspiring a Digital Art Movement

Since its launch, Prisma has inspired a global community of artists, photographers, and enthusiasts to push the boundaries of digital art. Through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, users share their Prisma creations, sparking conversations and collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural barriers. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Prisma has democratized artistry, allowing anyone with a smartphone to become a digital artist and contribute to the ever-expanding universe of creative expression.


Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor has transformed the way we view and interact with photography, empowering users to unleash their creativity and explore new artistic horizons. With its diverse range of filters, intuitive controls, and vibrant community, Prisma has become an essential tool for artists, photographers, and enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your selfies or create gallery-worthy masterpieces, Prisma offers endless possibilities for creative expression and discovery in the digital age.

Looking for a cool editing app?

  • Prisma is a great choice! It combines the best features of the picture editor, blemish remover, and photo background changer. No matter if you’d like to simply edit pictures, blur photos or use it as a selfie editor – Prisma has it all!

    Could this APK potentially harm my device?

    • No, All APKs in APKSOFTWARED are verified and protected. Learn more…

    How to use Prisma Art?

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    1. What is Prisma Art?

    • Prisma Art is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices that allows users to transform their photos into works of art using a range of filters and effects.


    2. Is Prisma Art free?

    • Prisma Art offers both a free and a paid version. The free version has limited features and includes ads, while the paid version, Prisma Art Premium, offers more advanced features and removes the ads.


    3. What features does Prisma Art have?

    • Prisma Art offers a range of features including a variety of artistic filters that transform your photos into paintings, sketches, and other art styles. It also has tools for cropping, resizing, and adjusting color, brightness, and saturation.