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Aug 24, 2023
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PTV Live Sports Cricket APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

Watch the Ptv live sports app you can download without wasting any further time and you can watch ptv sports live cricket free. Just hit the install button and start catching live sports on your mobile device anytime anywhere totally free.

Worth knowing features of Ptv Sports Live cricket

  • Single Click Access
  • Auto Play Option
  • Fast Video Player
  • Screen Rotation available
  • Very comfortable and easy to use

More About Ptv Sports Live Features

  • 360-Degree Immersion: “PTV Sports” introduces a groundbreaking 360-degree viewing experience. This feature allows viewers to control the camera angle during live matches, providing an unparalleled sense of being right in the heart of the action.
  • Smart Insights Hub: The platform features a dedicated “Insights Hub” that delivers real-time analysis, predictions, and expert commentary. This enhances viewers’ understanding of the game, transforming them into informed spectators.
  • Virtual Reality Stadiums: With virtual reality integration, “Sports Live” transports users into digital replicas of iconic sports stadiums. Fans can virtually explore stadiums, experiencing the atmosphere and energy as if they were physically present.
  • Dynamic Fan Interaction: The platform enables real-time fan interaction through live polls, quizzes, and challenges related to ongoing matches. This interactivity fosters a sense of camaraderie among fans and boosts engagement.
  • Personalized Data Dashboards: Subscribers of “PTV Sports Live” can create personalized data dashboards that display their favorite teams’ statistics, upcoming schedules, and player insights, providing a tailored sports experience.
  • Augmented Reality Player Stats: Leveraging augmented reality, the platform overlays real-time player statistics on the screen during matches. This feature gives viewers immediate insights into players’ performance without interrupting the action.
  • Interactive Playbook Overlay: For sports aficionados seeking a deeper understanding, “PTV Live Sports” offers an interactive playbook overlay. Users can explore tactical diagrams, player positions, and strategies as they unfold in real time.
  • Instant Multilingual Commentary: Catering to a global audience, the platform provides instant multilingual commentary options. Viewers can choose commentary in their preferred language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Integrated Social Viewing: “PTV” integrates social media feeds within the platform. Fans can follow official team accounts, players, and hashtags, fostering a sense of community and allowing them to stay updated without leaving the app.
  • Augmented Reality Trophy Room: Celebrating the legacy of sports, the platform offers an augmented reality trophy room. Fans can virtually explore iconic trophies, reliving historic moments and victories.
  • Real-Time Injury Updates: Keeping fans informed, “PTV Live” delivers real-time injury updates during matches. This feature adds depth to the viewing experience by providing insights into players’ physical conditions.
  • Exclusive Interactive Interviews: “PTV” offers exclusive interactive interviews with players, coaches, and sports experts. Viewers can submit questions and engage in real-time conversations, bridging the gap between athletes and fans.

What’s New?

  • Improvements

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1. What is PTV Sports Live?

  • PTV Sports Live is a digital platform that offers real-time streaming of various sports events, matches, and tournaments. It provides an interactive and immersive experience for sports enthusiasts to watch and engage with their favorite games online.


2. Can I watch PTV Sports Live on my smartphone or tablet?

  • Yes, PTV Sports Live is designed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets.


3. Can I watch live sports free on PTV Sports live?

  • Yes, you can watch some live sports for free on PTV Sports Live.