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Jan 24, 2024
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About REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar

REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar APK – Latest Version for Android.

REALITY allows you to go VR livestreaming! Whether it’s streaming or real time game chats with your VR friends, just a tap keeps you in touch with!

Now is your chance to hit the ground running on a brand new, next-gen virtual community!
Be a creator, make your own anime avatar and Vtuber contents on REALITY!

App Features

Anime Transformation Engine:

  • Cutting-edge technology that seamlessly transforms users’ real-life images into authentic anime-style avatars.
  • High-level customization options to ensure a unique and personalized anime representation.

Dynamic Facial Expression Mapping:

  • Advanced facial recognition algorithms that capture and replicate a wide range of emotions in real-time.
  • Users can express joy, surprise, sadness, and more, bringing their anime avatar to life with dynamic facial expressions.

Anime Wardrobe Selection:

  • Extensive library of anime-inspired outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and props for users to mix and match.
  • Regular updates with trending anime fashion to keep users’ avatars stylish and on-point.

Virtual Backgrounds and Scenes:

  • Choose from a variety of immersive anime-inspired backgrounds and scenes to enhance the overall avatar experience.
  • Users can transport their avatars to different fantastical worlds or iconic anime settings.

Voice Synthesis and Customization:

  • Customizable voice options that allow users to choose an anime-style voice for their avatars.
  • Voice synthesis technology adapts to different conversational tones and expressions for a more engaging user experience.

Anime Filters and Effects:

  • Specialized filters and effects inspired by popular anime styles to enhance the visual appeal of avatar images.
  • Creative options for users to add manga-like outlines, vibrant color schemes, and other artistic elements.

Anime Avatar Social Hub:

  • Integrated social platform where users can connect and interact with friends’ anime avatars.
  • Share avatar creations, participate in virtual events, and engage in anime-themed conversations within the community.

AR Integration for Real-world Interaction:

  • Augmented Reality features allowing users to bring their anime avatars into the real world through the device camera.
  • Take photos or record videos with animated anime avatars seamlessly blending into the user’s environment.

Anime Avatar Story Generator:

  • Unique storytelling feature that generates personalized short stories or scenarios based on the characteristics of the user’s anime avatar.
  • Users can immerse themselves in imaginative narratives inspired by their own avatar’s traits.

Quests and Achievements:

  • Gamified elements where users can embark on quests and challenges to earn virtual rewards and unlock new customization options.
  • Regularly updated achievements to keep users engaged and motivated to explore all aspects of the app.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

  • Access the app across various devices, ensuring a seamless experience whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Synchronize avatar data across platforms for convenience and accessibility.

What’s New?

  • Room furniture can now be sold.
  • Gift sending history is now viewable in the gift list during live stream viewing.
  • Now possible to change outfits during room streams.
  • Comments can now be displayed on the streamer’s screen during room streams, similar to booth streams.
  • Avatar Gacha can now be pulled in room.
  • The existing BGM feature has been enhanced to be available in room.
  • Minor bug fixes.

More Of REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar

Customize Your Avatar!

Fully customize your 3D avatar in just the way you like—it’s all yours!
As an anime-maker, you can create anime character which no one has ever seen.
Give your stream some flair with seasonal costumes and cute onesies! You can change your look to fit your mood.
With your phone’s front camera, REALITY translates your head and facial movements directly onto your anime avatar, bringing it to life!

Broadcast Live!

It only takes seconds to start your own stream with your anime avatar!
And since you don’t need to show your face, you can keep your identity totally secret with us!
You can also collab stream with other streamers and begin socializing.

Watch Live!

Watch popular VR streamers and entertaining content whenever you want!
You can even send interactive 3D gifts, chat, and make broadcasts more fun!
You can directly communicate with your favotrite Vtuber.

Find Your Online Tribe!

Join virtual communities with your customized avatar!
Check out collab streams with up to 4 people as they play games and quizzes!
Moreover, room streaming feature allows you to design your own VR space, and literally live in there with your friends.
You can also message on the app. Chat with others with your personalized anime stamps!!

We recommend REALITY if you:

  • Are into Vtuber contents, YouTube, or live broadcasting!
  • Are interested in the anime-maker VR world!
  • Just love dressing up avatars!
  • Want to interact wth people and enjoy games in huge communities!
  • Want to have fun and chat with people all over the world while playing casual games!
  • Want to show everyone how talented you are at singing, playing music, voice acting and so on!
  • Like anime and want to enjoy the virtual world!
  • Want to challenge themselves as creators/makers of worldviews that cannot be created in the real world!

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FAQ FOR REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar

1. Can I customize my anime avatar’s wardrobe and accessories?

Absolutely! REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar offers a diverse range of anime-inspired outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and props. Mix and match to create a truly unique and stylish anime persona. We regularly update our collection to keep your avatar’s fashion on the cutting edge.


2. Is there a voice customization feature for my anime avatar?

Yes, indeed! You can customize your avatar’s voice with a variety of anime-style options. The app utilizes voice synthesis technology to adapt to different tones and expressions, enhancing the overall interactive experience.


3. Are there options for dynamic facial expressions in the app?

Certainly! Our app captures and replicates a wide range of emotions in real-time, allowing your anime avatar to express joy, surprise, sadness, and more. The dynamic facial expression mapping adds a layer of authenticity to your avatar’s interactions.


4. Can I bring my anime avatar into the real world using Augmented Reality (AR)?

Absolutely! REALITY-Become an Anime Avatar features AR integration, allowing you to bring your anime avatar into the real world through your device camera. Capture photos or record videos with your animated avatar seamlessly blending into your surroundings.