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About ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur

ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur APK Download – Latest Version for Android.

How to turn your mobile into a professional camera in a blink? We did something cool.

Applying advanced AI computational photography and AI algorithms, ReLens can instantly turn your phone into an HD Camera and DSLR professional camera.
With its powerful DSLR-grade large aperture that creates blur background/bokeh effect and its HD camera, ReLens camera makes it easy to capture “DSLR-like” and “cinematic” shots.

ReLens is designed to be a professional camera and manual camera photography app for mobile photography enthusiasts to help everyone enjoy the fun of photography easily. ReLens may bring you some surprises with various lenses.

App Features

  • F1.4 large aperture with background bokeh effect. Essential for portrait mode photography.
  • Reproduction of several classic SLR lenses, such as the 50mm 1.4 fixed focal length lens, M35mm f/1.4 “the King of Bokeh”, and Burn 35, the Swirly bokeh effect lens.
  • Various essential filters for portrait and landscape photography, such as the physical soft-focus filter, starburst filter, ND filter, and others.
  • AI recalculates the depth of field and adds realistic portrait camera bokeh effects.
  • Freely modify the depth of field information of the image with the depth brush.
  • Various professional camera lens optical effects such as eclipse, Smooth Trans Focus, out-of-focus reflex, out-of-focus rotation, lens distortions, color shift, etc. give you a realistic lens experience.
  • Simulation of shutter blade shapes, over twenty realistic focus camera bokeh shapes such as the pentagram, hexagon, Octagon, heart, etc.
  • Reproduction of the unique spots, textures, and light effects of classic lenses.
  • Outstanding bokeh camera filters, blur filters, and a range of classic camera filters.

All-Purpose Professional Camera

  • Manual Exposure, Shutter, ISO, Focus, and White Balance control.
  • Camera custom color adjustment: Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue.
  • Built-in 6 commonly used presets such as Standard, Portrait, Neutral, etc.
  • SLR effect beauty (provides three modes): Clear, Natural, and Ruddy.
  • 100+ classic cameras and stylized filters.
  • Multiple camera modes: manual mode, burst mode (self-timer).
  • Professional camcorder mode: HD cameras and professional cameras.
  • High-quality video recording, supporting 4K video recording (not available on specific models).
  • Professional auxiliary tools: Level line, grid line, histogram, and more.
  • Professional information display such as volume indicator, battery capacity, storage space, etc.

Professional photo editor

  • AI intelligent zone adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the foreground and background of your images individually.
  • Specialized color grading tools: hue, aperture, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, grain, vignette, halo, curves, color separation, trichromatic circle, slow shutter, chromatic aberration, and twenty other parameters for adjustment.
  • Hundreds of filters crafted by professional photographers.
  • AI HDR night scene enhancement.
  • AI Noise Reduction, improve picture quality with one click.
  • Rich assortment of professional photography watermarks and artistic frames.
  • Photo enhancement, ultra-HD restoration rivaling the crystal-clear quality of a DSLR.
  • Natural portrait beautification: supports various portrait beautification functions such as face Slim, Jaw, Even, Skin, Acne, Eyebag, and Nasolabial.
  • Privacy protection: Image processing runs locally on your device and does not upload your images to the server.

More features are coming soon. Stay tuned!!

What’s New?

  • Pro Camera- Add shooting assistance functions such as Zebra and Focus Peaking. The histogram moved to Assistant.
  • Pro Editing- When using Color Lab, manual smearing is supported to select the foreground, background, and sky ranges.
  • Pro Lens- New lens: Radial Blur
  • New Filter- Added Dark Tone filter pack.
  • Photo Frame- Added 4 new photo frames: W10, W11, W12, and W13.
  • Function optimization- Ultra HD supports HEIC format, and Ultra HD entry is added to the photo details page.

Definition Of ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur

In the world of photography, capturing the perfect shot is a pursuit that often requires precision, skill, and a keen eye for detail. With ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur, aspiring photographers and seasoned professionals alike can take their craft to new heights. Let’s delve into the world of this innovative app and explore how it’s reshaping the way we see and capture the world around us.

Unveiling the Power of ReLens

ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur isn’t just another photography app—it’s a game-changer. From its intuitive interface to its advanced features, ReLens empowers users to unleash their creativity and capture stunning images that truly stand out from the crowd.

A Focus on Excellence

At the heart of ReLens lies its dedication to excellence. Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or macro photography, ReLens provides the tools you need to achieve exceptional results. With precise focus controls and customizable settings, you can ensure that every detail of your subject is captured with clarity and precision.

Blurring the Lines

But ReLens isn’t just about sharp focus—it’s also about creating depth and dimension in your photos. With its DSLR-inspired blur effects, you can add a touch of artistry to your images, drawing the viewer’s eye to the focal point while creating a beautifully blurred background that enhances the overall composition.

Unlocking Creative Possibilities

With ReLens, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re capturing candid moments, experimenting with abstract photography, or documenting the world around you, ReLens provides the creative tools you need to bring your vision to life. From tilt-shift effects to bokeh overlays, the app offers a wealth of options for expressing your unique perspective.

Bringing Professional Photography to Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of lugging around bulky DSLR cameras and cumbersome equipment. With ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur, you can enjoy the power and versatility of professional photography right from your smartphone. Whether you’re shooting on the go or setting up a photoshoot in the studio, ReLens ensures that you have everything you need to capture stunning images with ease.

Embrace Your Inner Photographer

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to hone your skills or a professional photographer seeking new ways to push the boundaries of your art, ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur is your ultimate companion. Download the app today and unlock the full potential of your creativity. With ReLens, every shot is an opportunity to capture magic.

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faq for ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur

1. What types of photography is ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur best suited for?

ReLens is versatile and can be used for a wide range of photography genres, including portraits, landscapes, macro photography, and more. Its focus control and blur effects can enhance the quality and artistic appeal of any type of photo.


2. Does ReLens Camera-Focus & DSLR Blur offer customization options for focus and blur effects?

Yes, ReLens provides users with customizable settings for focus control and blur effects, allowing them to adjust parameters such as aperture, depth of field, and intensity to achieve their desired results.