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About Retrica

Retrica APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

The Original Filter Camera.

Retrica APK is the catalyst of great photos with special effects and over 190 filters. Add vignette, grain or blur effect to get that retro atmosphere in your photos and videos. Take photos and videos with filters and effects in real-time or edit them from your phone album.

App Features

  • Real-Time Filters: Retrica APK offers a wide variety of real-time filters that can be previewed before taking a photo. This allows users to see how the filters will affect the image before capturing the shot.
  • Vintage Effects: The app specializes in providing vintage-style filters, giving photos a nostalgic and retro look reminiscent of older camera styles.
  • Collage Maker: Retrica includes a collage maker feature, enabling users to create unique collages by combining multiple photos into a single image with various layouts and customization options.
  • Blur and Vignette: The app provides options to add soft blur and vignette effects to photos, helping to draw focus to the center of the image and create a more dramatic atmosphere.
  • Diverse Filter Themes: Retrica organizes its filters into themed packs, such as “Foodie,” “Urban,” “Selfie,” and more, catering to different photography styles and preferences.
  • Shuffle Filters: Users can choose the “Shuffle” option to let Retrica randomly apply filters to their photos, resulting in unexpected and creative combinations.
  • Watermark Customization: The app allows users to customize watermarks that can be added to their photos, helping them maintain a personal touch and brand identity.
  • Timer and Interval Shots: Retrica includes a timer function that enables users to take selfies or group shots without needing someone else to press the shutter button. Additionally, the interval shot feature captures a series of photos at set time intervals, ideal for capturing dynamic actions.
  • GIF and Video Creation: In addition to photos, Retrica supports GIF and short video creation with filters applied in real-time, allowing users to express themselves in different formats.
  • Community and Sharing: Retrica has a built-in social platform where users can share their photos, discover content from others, and engage with the photography community.
  • Sticker and Stamp Options: The app offers an array of stickers, stamps, and decorative elements that users can add to their photos to personalize and enhance them.
  • Selective Filter Application: Users can selectively apply filters to specific parts of an image using the “Brush” feature, providing more control over the final look.
  • Double Exposure: The double exposure feature in Retrica lets users blend two photos together for a surreal and artistic effect.
  • Instant Photo Booth: Mimicking the experience of a vintage photo booth, this feature captures a series of photos in quick succession and arranges them in a single layout.
  • Multi-Language Support: Retrica APK supports multiple languages, making it accessible and user-friendly for a global audience.

What’s New?

  • Enhance UI flows. Fix bugs.

Definition Of Retrica

A Journey Back in Time: Vintage Filters Redefined

One of Retrica’s standout features is its wide array of vintage filters that effortlessly transport photos back in time. Whether it’s the warm, grainy tones reminiscent of classic film cameras or the faded colors that evoke memories of Polaroid snapshots, Retrica offers a myriad of choices that let users relive the aesthetics of bygone eras.

Crafting Collages with Creativity

Retrica isn’t just about single photos; it’s a canvas for your creativity. The collage maker feature is a testament to this. With a selection of layouts and customization options, users can weave together a visual narrative using multiple images. Whether it’s chronicling a day’s adventure or highlighting a collection of favorite memories, the collage maker empowers users to tell their stories in unique and compelling ways.

Real-Time Magic: Filters Unveiled Before Your Eyes

Imagine previewing the final look of your photo before even pressing the shutter button. That’s the magic of Retrica’s real-time filters. With a simple swipe of your finger, you can see how different filters transform the mood and ambiance of your shot, ensuring that you capture the exact vibe you’re aiming for.

Beyond the Lens: Unleashing Creativity

Retrica is more than just a photo app; it’s a creative playground. Its innovative features like double exposure and selective filter application open up a world of artistic possibilities. The double exposure feature lets users blend two photos into a single frame, creating dreamy, ethereal compositions. Meanwhile, the selective filter brush empowers users to apply filters precisely where they want, allowing for stunning contrasts and dynamic storytelling.

Shuffle and Surprise: A Dash of Spontaneity

In a world where predictability often reigns, Retrica introduces an element of surprise with its “Shuffle” option. With a tap, the app randomly selects and applies filters to your photo, leading to unexpected and sometimes delightful outcomes. It’s a testament to Retrica’s commitment to fostering creativity and embracing the unpredictable.

Sharing and Community: The Social Aspect

Retrica isn’t just a solitary experience; it’s a gateway to a vibrant community. The app’s built-in social platform encourages users to share their creations, discover fresh perspectives, and engage with fellow photography enthusiasts from around the globe. This communal atmosphere transforms photo-sharing into a collaborative and inspiring endeavor.

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1. What is Retrica?

  • Retrica is a popular mobile photography application that allows users to take and edit photos with a variety of filters, effects, and editing tools to enhance their visual appeal.


2. Is Retrica free to use?

  • Retrica is free to download and use. However, it may offer in-app purchases for additional filters, effects, and features.


3. Can I share my photos directly from Retrica to social media?