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About statsfm

statsfm APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

Your music, your stats, your story!

With over 10M+ users worldwide, 100M+ stats about tracks, 14M+ albums, and 6M+ artists, gain insights with into your most listened songs and artists from every period you can imagine!

— previously went by the name Spotistats

Don’t feel like waiting until the end of the year to see your Spotify Wrapped? Or don’t like the design and unuseful info given? No problem, is here to show you everything you ever wanted and more!

With Plus it’s even possible to view how many times you’ve listened to your favourite songs!

Discover your listening behavior insights!

App Features

  • Personalized Listening Insights: Gain valuable insights into your music consumption habits. “statsfm APK” provides personalized statistics about your most-played artists, genres, tracks, and playlists, helping you discover patterns and trends in your music choices.
  • Time-Stamped Playlist Analytics: Explore detailed data about your playlists, including when you listen to them the most. Discover if you’re a morning, afternoon, or nighttime listener, and optimize your playlist curation accordingly.
  • Geographical Trends: Uncover where your favorite artists and genres are popular globally. “” presents a geographical breakdown of your music preferences, letting you connect with listeners who share similar tastes around the world.
  • Emotion and Mood Analysis: Delve into the emotional impact of your music. This unique feature uses AI to analyze the mood and emotions conveyed by your most-listened-to tracks, helping you curate playlists to match your mood.
  • Collaborative Playlist Insights: If you share playlists with friends, “” offers insights into the collaborative aspects of your playlists. See which friends contribute the most and the styles of music you both enjoy.
  • Musical Diversity Score: “” calculates a musical diversity score, showcasing how varied your music choices are. Discover whether you tend to explore a wide range of genres or lean towards a specific style.
  • Time Travel Playlists: Take a nostalgic trip through your musical history with time-travel playlists. Relive your top tracks from specific periods and reminisce about the moments that made those songs special.
  • Concert and Event Notifications: Stay updated on upcoming concerts and events related to your favorite artists. “” alerts you to live shows in your area, ensuring you never miss a chance to see your beloved musicians perform.
  • Monthly Challenges and Goals: Keep your music experience exciting with monthly challenges and goals. Whether it’s discovering new artists or hitting a playtime milestone, “” adds a gamified element to your music listening.
  • Intelligent Playlist Recommendations: Receive personalized playlist recommendations based on your listening history. “” suggests playlists curated to your unique taste, introducing you to new tracks you’re likely to enjoy.
  • Seamless Integration with Spotify: “” seamlessly integrates with your existing Spotify account, making it easy to access your music data and insights without the need for additional sign-ins.
  • Data Privacy and Security: “” prioritizes your data privacy and security. Your music data is handled with care, and the platform follows industry-standard practices to protect your personal information.

What’s New?

  • Fixed direct difference not working for the stats tab.
  • Fixes the app importer infinitely loading after trying to select the smaller “Account data” zip file.
  • Fixed translation issue for non-English translations displaying hashtag instead of the stream count.
  • Fixed the Japanese language option not switching the app to Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to show a full-screen error when sending a first chat message with someone if it was an embedded link.

All your listening history in one place:

  • Your top tracks, top artists, top albums and even top genres
  • When you listen (listening clock and more)
  • How much you listen (playcounts, minutes/hours streamed)
  • What type of music (lively, energetic, etc)

And many more stats and cool graphs

Flex on your friends

You can not only view stats for your own account, but you’re even able to search and add your friends and compare your stats with them!

Your personal journey

Detailed & Accurate stats about your beloved songs, artists, or playlists:

  • Playcount (how many times and minutes listened)
  • How popular the song/artist/playlist is on Spotify
  • For artists/albums you can see your top tracks
  • What type of music it is (lively, energetic, danceable, instrumental etc)
  • The top listeners (who listen to the song / artist / album the most)
  • Your lifetime streaming history of that song / artist / album

And many more statistics

In short, for Spotify is the must-have Spotify companion.

Follow for updates and fun stuff:

Note: Some mentioned features require a one-time import of your lifetime streaming history, Spotify is a trademark of Spotify AB. Spotistats is in no way affiliated with Spotify AB.

Download statsfm APK today and start your unforgettable journey!

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1. What is for Spotify?

  • for Spotify is a unique companion app that provides insightful analytics and data about your music listening habits on Spotify. It offers personalized statistics, playlist insights, emotional analysis, and more to enhance your understanding of your musical preferences.


2. Is available for free?

  • offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides access to a range of insights and features, while the premium version offers additional perks and customization options for an enhanced experience.