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Oct 3, 2023
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About Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all time now comes to mobile!

Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figure games. Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of every stickman. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of the Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage, and even Giant. Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all Territories!

Main Features

  • Classic Campaign – The Order Empire is Born. Now with 6 bonus levels.
  • Endless Deads zombie survival mode! How many nights can you last?
  • Tournament mode! Battle your way through dozens of Ai challengers to win the “Crown of Inamorta!”
  • Skins are now available for all characters! Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with their own unique perks!

Game Features (New)

  • Missions Mode: New levels are released every Friday! – Keeping Order won’t be easy.
  • Saga-style map with multiple rewards.
  • Unlock Crowns for each difficulty level, Normal, Hard, and Insane!
  • A multitude of new game types await – Win before sunset, Triple barricaded gold, Deathmatch, Forward Statue, vs Mini-Bosses, and many more!
  • Arrows now stick into all units, plus new improved blood effects and taking damage animations.
  • Improved unit formations and Archidon bow aim.

What’s New?

  • New Voltaic Skins!
  • New and updated missions!

More About Stick War Legacy

In a world called Inamorta, you’re surrounded by discriminated nations devoted to their individual nations technology and struggle for dominance. Each nation has developed its own unique way of defending and attacking. Proud of their unique craft they have become obsessed to the point of worship, turning weapons to religion. Each believes that their way of life is the only way, and are dedicated to teaching their policies to all other nations through what their leaders claim as divine intervention, or as you will know it… war.

The others are known as: “Archidons”, “Swordwrath”, “Magikill”, and “Speartons”.

You are the leader of the nation called “Order”, your way is of peace and knowledge, your people do not worship their weapons as gods. This makes you a mark for infiltration by the surrounding nations. Your only chance to defend is to attack first, and obtain the technologies from each nation along the way.

Evolution and Updates

Since its initial release, Stick War Legacy has seen several updates and improvements, showcasing the developer’s commitment to its player community. Max Games has introduced new units, levels, and features to keep the game fresh and engaging. Additionally, the game’s vibrant online community has contributed to its longevity, with players sharing strategies, tips, and even fan-made content.

In a world of hyper-realistic graphics and complex gameplay mechanics, Stick War Legacy stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of simplicity and strategy. With its captivating gameplay, engaging storyline, and ongoing updates, it has carved out a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. As Stick War Legacy continues to evolve and inspire, its legacy in the gaming world remains strong, proving that even a stick figure can leave a lasting mark. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to join the legacy and embark on your own epic journey in the world of Inamorta.

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1. What is Stick War Legacy?

  • Stick War Legacy is a popular mobile real-time strategy game developed by Max Games. It features stick-figure characters and offers players the opportunity to lead armies into epic battles, manage resources, and engage in strategic warfare.


2. Are there different game modes in Stick War Legacy?

  • Yes, Stick War Legacy offers several game modes, including a campaign mode with a rich storyline, an “Endless Deads” survival mode, and multiplayer battles against other players online.


3. What are the available units in Stick War Legacy?

  • Stick War Legacy features a diverse range of units, including swordsmen, archers, mages, giants, and more. Each unit has unique abilities and strengths, allowing players to create various strategic combinations.