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Stream labs
Dec 19, 2023
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About Streamlabs: Live Streaming

Streamlabs: Live Streaming APK – Latest Version for Android.

Streamlabs is the best free video live-streaming app for creators. Play mobile games and stream your screen or broadcast your camera to social platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more!

With similar features as Streamlabs Desktop packed on your mobile device, you can chat with people all over the world as they watch your epic gameplay and live broadcast everyday adventures in real-time. The app also works with Streamlabs widgets like the Alert Box, Chat Box, Event ist, and more! Take your stream to the next level with Streamlabs Ultra and unlock exclusive features like multistream and professional mobile themes.

App Features

  • Customizable Overlays: Streamlabs allows users to create and customize overlays for their live streams. From webcam frames to alerts and widgets, content creators can personalize the visual elements of their broadcasts to engage and captivate their audience.
  • Alert Box Integration: The app includes an alert box feature, enabling content creators to set up and customize alerts for new followers, donations, subscriptions, and more. These visual and audible cues enhance audience interaction during live streams.
  • Real-time Chat Interaction: Streamlabs provides a real-time chat interface that allows streamers to engage with their audience seamlessly. Respond to comments, answer questions, and foster a sense of community during live broadcasts.
  • Multi-platform Streaming: Content creators can simultaneously stream to multiple platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. This multi-platform functionality expands the reach of the streamer’s audience and allows for broader content distribution.
  • In-app Donation and Tip Alerts: Streamlabs simplifies the donation process by offering in-app donation and tip alerts. Viewers can support their favorite streamers directly through the app, and content creators receive real-time alerts for their generosity.
  • Built-in Chatbot: The app includes a chatbot feature that streamers can customize to automate responses, moderate chats, and provide useful information to viewers. This enhances the streamer’s ability to manage interactions effectively.
  • Scene Switching and Transition Effects: Streamlabs allows users to set up multiple scenes and effortlessly switch between them during a live stream. Incorporate professional-looking transition effects to create a polished and dynamic viewing experience.
  • Media Sharing and Integration: Streamlabs supports media sharing, enabling content creators to showcase images, videos, and music directly within their live streams. This feature adds variety and entertainment value to the content.
  • Live Stream Recording: The app provides an option to record live streams, allowing streamers to create highlights or archive their broadcasts for later use. This feature is useful for content creators who want to repurpose or review their live content.
  • Viewer Analytics and Insights: Streamlabs offers analytics and insights into viewer engagement, donation history, and other relevant metrics. This data empowers content creators to understand their audience better and tailor their content accordingly.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Streamlabs is available as a mobile app, allowing content creators to go live and manage their streams directly from their mobile devices. This flexibility is especially beneficial for on-the-go streaming.
  • Merchandise Store Integration: Streamlabs integrates with merchandise stores, allowing streamers to showcase and promote their branded products directly to their audience. This feature provides an additional revenue stream for content creators.

What’s New?

  • X streaming support
  • Native authentication for YouTube
  • Bug fixes and improvements

More About Streamlabs


Unlike other apps that have you join yet another social live streaming network, Streamlabs links to your existing channels so you can go live and chat with fans whenever you want! Custom RTMP destinations are also supported, all you need is your URL and stream key. Stream to platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Loola, Trovo, Nimo, and more. One app, infinite destinations!


Game streaming made simple. Whether you’re playing PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Clash Royale, Pokemon GO, or any other mobile game, the app makes it easy to share gameplay with your fans. You can add a microphone, stream internal audio, or mix different sources together inside the app.


Swap between front and rear cameras and stream high-quality video to your fans. Whether you’re a travel vlogger, musician, podcaster, or are just chatting, the app lets you take your audience with you on the go.


Customize your stream with professional mobile themes. Make your stream unique by adding beautiful overlays in a few easy clicks. You can also add your own logo, other images, and text to your stream.


Simply select the widgets you’d like to include in your mobile stream and we’ll do the rest. Available widgets include Alert Box, Chat Box, Event List, Donation Ticket, The Jar, Donation Goal, and many more to come!


Get your very own private server hosted on the Streamlabs Cloud. This ensures if your mobile real-time stream gets disconnected, your stream won’t go offline and lose all your precious viewers. Unlimited bandwidth and private server included for free in Ultra.


Like Streamlabs Desktop, the Streamlabs mobile app gives you full customization of your stream. Adjust the bitrate, frames per second, audio sampling rate, which events trigger alerts on stream and much, much more. Customize whatever you want, there’s no one way to make an omelet.


Get rewarded for streaming more. Earn points by going live, setting up your account, and broadcasting to new destinations. Redeem your points inside the app on exclusive rewards like multistream and free mobile themes.

Start streaming in seconds and share your experiences with the world using the Streamlabs mobile app.

Your fans are waiting!

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Faq for Streamlabs: Live Streaming

1. What makes Streamlabs stand out among live streaming apps?

Streamlabs is renowned for its customizable overlays, real-time chat interaction, and multi-platform streaming capabilities. It empowers content creators with a suite of features designed to engage and captivate their audience.


2. How can I personalize my live stream with Streamlabs?

Streamlabs offers customizable overlays, allowing you to personalize the visual elements of your live stream, including webcam frames, alerts, and widgets. Tailor your broadcast to reflect your unique style and brand.


3. Can I stream to multiple platforms simultaneously with Streamlabs?

Absolutely! Streamlabs supports multi-platform streaming, enabling you to broadcast your content on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously, expanding your reach and audience engagement.


4. What role does the Alert Box play in Streamlabs?

The Alert Box in Streamlabs allows you to set up and customize alerts for various actions, such as new followers, donations, and subscriptions. These alerts provide visual and audible cues, enhancing viewer interaction during your live streams.