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About TIDAL Music: HiFi, Playlists

TIDAL Music: HiFi, Playlists APK Download – Latest Version for Android.

TIDAL is a global music streaming app bringing fans closer to artists through a shared love for music and high sound quality.

With the TIDAL app’s extensive library of music, offline music features, and personalized recommendations, TIDAL is a must-have app for anyone who loves music. Whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home, TIDAL has everything you need to enjoy your favorite tracks and discover new music.

Why download the TIDAL music app?

Try TIDAL for FREE: with a 30-day trial, you can experience the difference for yourself and try one of either our HiFi or HiFi Plus plans.

High-quality audio streaming: TIDAL offers high-fidelity audio streaming, providing you with an immersive and rich listening experience.
Huge selection of music genres: It offers an extensive library of millions of songs and albums across multiple genres, making it easy to discover new music and listen to favorite tracks.

Offline music feature: TIDAL allows you to download tracks and albums for listening offline, without an internet connection (no wifi), providing a seamless offline listening experience that is both convenient and enjoyable.

Discovery and personalized recommendations: TIDAL offers curated playlists, and personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and individual music preferences.

Subscription options: TIDAL offers multiple plan options – with a month FREE trial, making it easy to download, try and enjoy the app.

TIDAL has a range of plans across HiFi and HiFi Plus subscriptions. Besides our Individual payment plan, we offer a great value Family plan (you plus 5 others). Discounted Student, Military, and First Responder plans are also available.

When you download and try the TIDAL app for the first time, you get access to 30 days of FREE music!

App Features

  • HiFi Streaming: TIDAL Music offers HiFi streaming, providing users with high-fidelity audio quality that preserves the original recording’s nuances and details, delivering an immersive listening experience.
  • Extensive Music Catalog: The app boasts a vast library of millions of songs spanning various genres, including mainstream hits, timeless classics, and underground gems, catering to diverse musical preferences.
  • Curated Playlists: TIDAL Music offers curated playlists crafted by music experts and tastemakers, covering a wide range of moods, genres, and themes, ensuring users have the perfect soundtrack for every occasion.
  • Artist Exclusives: Users can access exclusive releases, live performances, and original content from their favorite artists, providing behind-the-scenes insights and unique experiences that deepen their connection with the music.
  • Offline Listening: TIDAL Music allows users to download songs and playlists for offline listening, enabling them to enjoy their favorite tracks even without an internet connection, perfect for on-the-go listening.
  • Seamless Device Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers, ensuring a consistent and intuitive listening experience across all devices.
  • Personalized Recommendations: TIDAL Music uses advanced algorithms to analyze users’ listening habits and preferences, providing personalized recommendations tailored to individual tastes, making music discovery effortless.
  • HiFi Masters: TIDAL Music offers a HiFi Masters section, featuring albums and tracks mastered specifically for high-fidelity audio, providing users with an even more immersive listening experience.
  • Exclusive Events: Users can access exclusive events such as live concerts, album releases, and listening parties, providing them with unique opportunities to engage with their favorite artists and discover new music.
  • Social Sharing: TIDAL Music allows users to share their favorite songs, playlists, and albums with friends and followers on social media platforms, fostering a sense of community and enabling music discovery through social interactions.

What’s New?

  • Added the ability to stream HiRes FLAC, via Chromecast, for most tracks.
  • Added bitrate and sampling rates to all non-MQA tracks.

More About TIDAL Music

A HiFi plan gives you access to:

  • Sound quality up to 1411 kbps
  • Millions of songs
  • Thousands of videos*
  • Ad-free listening
  • Download music and listen offline with unlimited skips
  • TIDAL Connect: Listen in HiFi on your supported devices
  • Expertly curated playlists

A HiFi Plus plan gives you access to:

  • Sound quality up to 9216 kbps, including Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi
  • Millions of songs
  • Thousands of videos*
  • Ad-free listening
  • Download music and listen offline with unlimited skips
  • TIDAL Connect: Listen in all innovative and immersive audio formats on your supported devices, including car play
  • Expertly curated playlists

Download the TIDAL music app today to sign up for a HiFi or HiFi Plus subscription.

Subscription automatically renews on a monthly basis. Cancel anytime.
Terms and Conditions of Use: http://tidal.com/terms
Privacy Policy: https://tidal.com/privacy

Definition Of TIDAL music

In the bustling landscape of music streaming platforms, TIDAL emerges as a beacon of audio excellence, offering a premium listening experience that transcends conventional boundaries. With its commitment to high-fidelity sound quality and curated playlists, TIDAL Music has established itself as a go-to destination for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the unparalleled sonic realm that TIDAL has to offer.

The Quest for HiFi Excellence

At the heart of TIDAL Music lies a dedication to delivering uncompromising sound quality through its HiFi streaming option. With HiFi, users can immerse themselves in music as the artists intended, with lossless audio formats that preserve every nuance and detail of the original recording. From the subtlest whisper to the thunderous crescendo, TIDAL HiFi ensures that every note is heard with breathtaking clarity and depth, elevating the listening experience to new heights.

A Treasure Trove of Music

TIDAL boasts an extensive catalog of millions of songs spanning across genres, ensuring that there’s something for every musical palate. Whether you’re into the latest chart-toppers, timeless classics, or underground gems, TIDAL’s vast library caters to all tastes and preferences. From mainstream hits to niche discoveries, TIDAL empowers users to explore and discover music without limitations, making every listening session a voyage of musical exploration.

Curated Playlists for Every Mood

In addition to its vast music catalog, TIDAL offers a plethora of curated playlists meticulously crafted by music experts and tastemakers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for a workout, a cozy night in, or a road trip adventure, TIDAL’s playlists cover a wide range of moods, genres, and themes. With expertly curated selections and regularly updated content, TIDAL ensures that users always have the perfect playlist for every moment.

Artist Exclusives and Original Content

TIDAL is renowned for its commitment to supporting artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their craft. Through exclusive releases, live performances, and original content, TIDAL offers users access to unique experiences and behind-the-scenes insights into their favorite artists’ creative process. From exclusive albums to intimate interviews, TIDAL’s artist exclusives and original content enrich the listening experience, allowing users to connect with their favorite artists on a deeper level.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

TIDAL seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices and platforms, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite music anytime, anywhere. Whether you prefer streaming on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker, TIDAL provides a seamless and intuitive listening experience across all devices. With offline listening capabilities, users can also download their favorite tracks and playlists to enjoy them on the go, even without an internet connection.


In a world where music streaming platforms abound, TIDAL Music stands out as a beacon of sonic excellence and curated musical discovery. With its HiFi streaming option, extensive music catalog, curated playlists, artist exclusives, and seamless integration across devices, TIDAL offers a premium listening experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you’re a discerning audiophile or a casual music lover, TIDAL invites you to dive into a world of unparalleled sound quality and musical exploration.

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faq for TIDAL Music: HiFi, Playlists

1. Can I try the TIDAL app free of charge?

Yes! You can try TIDAL Free, which gives you access to our extensive music catalog with limited ad interruptions. Or you can sign up for a free trial of TIDAL HiFi or HiFi Plus for an ad-free, fully interactive listening experience.


2. Can I import my playlists from other streaming services I use?

We know the effort you put into curating the perfect playlist. Move your favorite playlists, tracks, albums, and artists from another music streaming service with tidal.com/transfer-music.


3. Can I download and listen to my music offline?

Yes! To download music for offline listening, you simply need to find the song, album, or playlist you want and select the download button. Once downloaded, the audio files are stored on your device, allowing you to access and play your music without a wifi or internet connection. With offline music, TIDAL provides a seamless listening experience that is both convenient and enjoyable.