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About Viki: Asian Dramas & Movies

Viki: Asian Dramas & Movies APK – Latest Version for Android.

Watch all your favorite subtitled Asian Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand anytime, anywhere, with Rakuten Viki. Stream TV shows and movies with a Viki Pass subscription for access to exclusive content, HD quality, and no ads.

Our ever-growing collection of award-winning Asian Shows and Movies includes Kdramas, Chinese Dramas, Korean Movies, Korean Variety Shows, KPOP Award Shows, Japanese Dramas, and much more, offering something for everyone. With the Rakuten Viki mobile app, you can watch Asian Entertainment both at home and on the go.

Stream Your Favorite Asian Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

  • Korean Dramas: Watch Korea’s most popular Kdrama shows, including True Beauty, Ghost Doctor, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Penthouse, Hotel Del Luna, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Enjoy an extensive library of timeless Korean TV series that include all your favorites, such as Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun.
  • Mainland Chinese Dramas: Stream Mainland China’s most popular drama series on demand, including Falling Into Your Smile, The Sword and the Brocade, Nirvana in Fire, Go Go Squid!, Princess Agents, Scarlet Heart, Legend of Fuyao, and various other Chinese Drama shows.
  • Movies on Demand: Stream all your favorite Asian movies, including Seo Bok, Escape from Mogadishu, Josee, New Year Blues, The Beauty Inside, A Werewolf Boy, The Man From Nowhere, and more. Rent on Demand now available for premium movies.
  • Taiwanese Dramas: Watch Taiwan’s latest TV series, including Attention, Love!, HIStory Series, Before We Get Married, Refresh Man, and Lost Romance.
  • Japanese Dramas: Stream Japan’s top dramas on demand, including L-DK: Two Loves, Under One Roof, Coffee & Vanilla, You’re My Pet, Mischievous Kiss, In Time With You, and Hakuouki SSL.
  • Thailand Dramas: Watch popular Thai shows such as Love By Chance, My Name is Busaba, and Present Perfect.
  • Korean Variety Shows: Explore Korea’s hottest variety shows, including Running Man, I-LAND, Kingdom: Legendary War, and Heart Signal.
  • KPOP: Watch Korea’s global KPOP idol groups, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, EXO, Monsta X, GOT7, and more, in all your favorite Korean variety shows, Kdramas, music programs, and award shows.

App Features

  • Multi-language Subtitles: Access to thousands of subtitled Asian dramas, TV series, variety shows, and movies in 150+ languages.
  • Volunteer Community: Help break down language barriers and spread the best of Asian entertainment to millions of other fans around the world through subtitling contributions. Translate TV shows in over 150 languages and get involved with our community of Qualified Contributors (QC) to qualify for amazing perks and prizes.
  • Watch List: Create a personalized list to save your favorite Asian TV shows and movies to watch at a later time.
  • Celebrity Pages: Follow your favorite Asian celebrities such as Park Seo Joon, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Park Hyung Sik, Song Joong Ki, Park Min Young, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Bo Young.
  • Timed Comments: Engage with other users by leaving a comment on a video at a certain point in time.
  • Rate and Review: Join the discussion and rate shows out of 10. Submit a review to help other Viki users decide if they should watch the show or movie.
  • Legal Streaming: Rakuten Viki legally licenses all of its content.

What’s New?

  • Bug fixes and improvements to enhance Viki experience

Definition Of Viki

Viki stands out as a dedicated haven for enthusiasts of Asian dramas and movies. Offering a diverse and rich collection of content from various Asian countries, Viki has become a go-to platform for viewers seeking unique and compelling storytelling. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Viki and discover what makes it a distinctive player in the streaming industry.

Cultural Mosaic

Viki serves as a cultural mosaic, bringing together stories from South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. This diverse range of content allows viewers to explore and appreciate the nuances of different cultures, customs, and traditions.

Subtitle Collaboration

One of Viki’s standout features is its unique approach to subtitles. Unlike other streaming platforms, Viki allows users to contribute subtitles in multiple languages. This collaborative effort not only enhances the viewing experience for global audiences but also fosters a sense of community among fans who come together to make content accessible to a broader audience.

Fresh and Exclusive Content

Viki is renowned for offering a plethora of fresh and exclusive content. From the latest Korean dramas to blockbuster Chinese films, the platform ensures that viewers have access to the most recent and sought-after releases. This commitment to staying current keeps audiences eagerly anticipating what Viki will bring to their screens next.

Global Fanbase

The popularity of Viki extends beyond its Asian origins, creating a global fanbase that transcends borders. Fans from all corners of the world connect over their shared love for Asian dramas and movies, creating a vibrant and enthusiastic community that actively engages with the content on the platform.

Romance, Thrills, and Beyond

Viki caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of heartwarming romance, pulse-pounding thrillers, or thought-provoking historical dramas, Viki has it all. The platform’s extensive library ensures that there’s something for everyone, making it a versatile destination for diverse entertainment choices.

Quality Production and Storytelling

Viki is synonymous with high-quality production and storytelling. The platform curates content that not only boasts impressive cinematography and production values but also showcases compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a deep emotional level. This commitment to quality ensures a consistently enjoyable viewing experience.

Conclusion: Viki has successfully carved its niche in the streaming landscape by offering a unique and enriching experience for fans of Asian dramas and movies. With its commitment to diversity, collaborative subtitles, exclusive content, and a global fanbase, Viki continues to be a trailblazer in bringing the best of Asian entertainment to audiences worldwide. As the platform evolves and expands its library, one can only anticipate more exciting journeys into the mesmerizing world of Viki.

Availability of shows (including those listed above) may vary by territory.

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faq for Viki: Asian Dramas & Movies

1. How does the collaborative subtitle feature work on Viki?

Viki’s collaborative subtitle feature allows users to contribute subtitles in multiple languages. This unique system fosters a sense of community as fans from around the world come together to make content accessible to a broader audience.


2. Is Viki available worldwide?

Yes, Viki is accessible globally. Its popularity extends beyond Asia, creating a diverse and enthusiastic international fanbase. Users worldwide can enjoy a wide range of Asian dramas and movies on the platform.


3. What genres of content does Viki offer?

Viki caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, offering genres such as romance, thriller, historical drama, and more. Whether you’re a fan of heartwarming love stories or gripping suspense, Viki has something for everyone.