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May 10, 2023
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About XPlane Flight Simulator

XPlane APK Download – Latest Version for Android! Download Now!

The most realistic aircraft. The world is at your fingertips. It’s not a game, it’s a flight simulator.

“Highly recommended.” — Mel Martin, Engadget
Over 1 million downloads!

Come experience why real pilots fly XPlane.

It starts with the flight model—the same flight model used in our FAA-certified desktop simulator—that’s complete enough to model the flex in your wings & the tilt in your landing gear.

Add to that our desktop-quality aircraft with multiple liveries and interactive 3-D cockpits—so detailed you can do a full startup procedure using the hundreds of buttons, knobs, & switches in the cockpit. With working gauges, flight displays, & more, these cockpits are as realistic as those in our full desktop sim.

But aircraft are no good without a place to fly them. That’s why each of our free regions features detailed terrain, lifelike city buildings, & 3-D airports—complete with terminal buildings, jetways, hangars, & more.

Want more? Subscribe to unlock global scenery, and get access to over 37,000 airports, with more than 11,500 airports featuring 3D terminals, hangars, & more.

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Game Features

  • 9 free tutorials, teaching the basics of takeoffs & landings, traffic patterns, helicopters, & more.
  • 2-player internet multiplayer via Game Center (free for everyone)
  • Fully interactive cockpits on many aircraft, wired to real systems models, with working gauges, displays, buttons, & switches
  • Full startup procedures supported on many aircraft (optionally start any aircraft from cold & dark state)
  • More than 50 systems modeled, each of which can be failed on command
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Combat missions

What’s New?

  • ATC Controllers have a “Tower View” now so they can visually monitor air traffic!
  • Upgraded Piper PA-18 Super Cub!
  • Flight Model improvements from the full desktop product
  • Misc bug fixes

More About X-Pane APK


The app includes 2 aircraft (plus all 5 scenery regions) for free. In addition, the following aircraft are available as in-app purchases:

  • Free! Cessna 172SP w/ full interactive cockpit + 4 liveries
  • Free! Cirrus Vision SF50 w/ full interactive cockpit + 5 liveries
  • Airbus A320 Airliner w/ 3 liveries
  • Boeing B737-800 Airliner w/ full interactive cockpit (over 280 switches, buttons, knobs, & levers!) + 3 liveries
  • Boeing B777-200ER Airliner w/ 3 liveries
  • Boeing B747-400 Jumbo Jet w/ 3 liveries
  • Bombardier CRJ200 Regional Jet w/ 3 liveries
  • Douglas DC-3 Airliner w/ full interactive cockpit + 3 liveries
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-80 w/ 3 liveries
  • A-10 Thunderbolt II (“Warthog”) Fighter
  • F-22 Raptor Fighter
  • F-4 Phantom II Fighter
  • Beechcraft Baron B58 w/ full interactive cockpit
  • Beechcraft King Air C90B
  • Piper PA-18 Super Cub
  • Piaggio P.180 Avanti
  • Sikorsky S76 Helicopter w/ alternate livery


5 scenery regions are free for everyone!

  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Grand Canyon
  • Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Innsbruck, Austria

Global scenery is available by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription.


With a Professional subscription, you can get early access to massive multiplayer (MMO).

Come join tens of thousands of other pilots in a single, shared world!
Try the Fly-In of the Day to meet up with hundreds of other pilots, or explore the MMO world for more chance encounters.

Massive multiplayer is in early access—we wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible—so we’re going to continue adding new features & improvements over the coming months.

Download XPlane APK now to experience aviation like never before.

Definition Of XPlane Flight Simulator

In the ever-evolving world of flight simulation, XPlane APK Flight Simulator stands out as a prominent and immersive platform that has captured the hearts of aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Developed by Laminar Research, XPlane APK has been an industry leader since its inception.

Realistic Flight Physics

One of the standout aspects of X-Plane Flight Simulator is its commitment to realistic flight physics. Unlike many other flight simulators, X-Plane leverages blade element theory and sophisticated mathematical algorithms to simulate the behavior of aircraft with unparalleled accuracy. As a result, pilots using X-Plane can experience lifelike flight characteristics, including the effects of weight, balance, turbulence, and atmospheric conditions. The precision in its flight model has earned X-Plane praise from real-world pilots and aviation professionals, making it a valuable tool for pilot training and skill development.

Extensive Aircraft Selection

XPlane APK boasts an extensive fleet of aircraft, ranging from small single-engine airplanes to massive commercial airliners and military jets. The simulator includes a vast library of aircraft, both default and third-party add-ons, allowing users to explore a wide array of flying experiences. Whether you want to pilot a Cessna 172 on a scenic sightseeing trip or handle the complex systems of a Boeing 747 on a transatlantic flight, X-Plane has something to offer for every aviator.

Stunning Visuals and Scenery

Another hallmark of X-Plane is its stunning visual fidelity. The simulator utilizes high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced rendering techniques to create breathtaking landscapes and realistic airport environments. Users can fly over famous landmarks, bustling cities, serene countrysides, and majestic mountains with a level of detail that leaves them in awe. Additionally, the simulator’s weather simulation adds to the immersion, replicating real-world weather patterns and dynamic lighting effects, further enhancing the virtual flying experience.

Constant Updates and Community Engagement

The team behind X-Plane Flight Simulator is dedicated to providing a continuously evolving and cutting-edge experience for its users. Regular updates bring new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes to ensure the simulator remains at the forefront of the industry. Moreover, X-Plane fosters an active community of developers, pilots, and enthusiasts. The flight simulator encourages third-party developers to create add-ons, expanding the aircraft selection and enhancing the overall experience. This collaborative approach has resulted in a robust marketplace where users can access an ever-growing array of high-quality add-ons.

Training and Educational Applications

XPlane has found its place not only among casual aviation enthusiasts but also within the professional training and educational sectors. The simulator’s realistic flight physics and diverse aircraft options make it a valuable tool for pilot training programs, flight schools, and even aerospace research. Its ability to recreate various scenarios, from routine flights to emergency situations, allows pilots to enhance their skills and decision-making abilities in a safe virtual environment.

X-Plane Flight Simulator has undoubtedly cemented its position as a leading platform in the world of virtual aviation. Its commitment to realistic flight physics, extensive aircraft selection, stunning visuals, and community engagement have created an unparalleled flight simulation experience. Whether you are a seasoned pilot, an aspiring aviator, or simply curious about the wonders of flight, XPlane is sure to provide an immersive and rewarding journey into the world of virtual aviation.

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1. What is X-Plane Flight Simulator?

  • X-Plane Flight Simulator is a cutting-edge flight simulation software developed by Laminar Research. It provides users with a realistic virtual aviation experience, allowing them to pilot a wide range of aircraft and explore detailed and immersive landscapes.


2. What types of aircraft are available in X-Plane?

  • X-Plane offers an extensive selection of aircraft, ranging from small general aviation planes to complex commercial airliners and military jets. Users can choose from the default aircraft provided by the simulator or access a wide range of third-party add-ons.


3. Can I fly over real-world locations in X-Plane?

  • Yes, X-Plane features stunning scenery with high-resolution satellite imagery. Users can fly over real-world locations, famous landmarks, and bustling cities, adding to the immersive experience of virtual aviation.